Jaboukie Young-White: ‘If Pete Buttigieg Does Not Eat his Husband’s A** on Live TV, He’s Not Gay Enough for Me’—WATCH

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In a segment on last night’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, gay youth correspondent Jaboukie Young-White sat down with a diverse group of LGBT voters to discuss why they would or wouldn’t vote for Pete Buttigieg. The point of the segment was to point out some of the ridiculous aspects and “purity” tests members of the community have placed on Mayor Pete.

Young-White says that he’s come to believe, “The type of gay you are determines whether you’ll vote for him.”

One member of the group said, “Our community has a bit of a shameful history in the sense that gay white men have historically marginalized the contributions of trans women and trans men and people of color.”

While another said, “I’m trans and knowing that there is going to be a cis gay presidential candidate doesn’t make my life any safer as a trans woman.”

“So it sounds like the takeaway of this conversation should be, ‘if Buttigieg does not eat his husband’s ass on live TV, he’s not gay enough for me,'” Young-White hysterically concluded.
Watch the clip below.

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