It’s A Sin’s Colin, Actor Callum Scott Howells, Says The Script Was Intense

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Newcomer and Welsh actor Callum Scott Howells who plays the sweet gayby and Saville Row apprentice, Colin on HBO Max’s hit miniseries It’s a Sin about a group of gay friends hit by the AIDS epidemic in 1980s London admits the show can be intense.

Scott Howells tells Esquire Magazine: “It’s kind of like, eps three and four are like someone shooting a gun at you and it hitting you and you’re like, ‘Fuck!’ And then ep five is like someone getting a knife and just repeatedly fucking stabbing you. You know what I mean? That’s the only way I can explain it.”

Scott Howells is in his parents’ kitchen in Tonyrefail, in South Wales’ Rhondda Valley, and his grey cockapoo Dewi is snoozing at his feet. He’s rarely less than totally buoyant and energetic, and even reliving the twists of Russell T Davies’ new drama series, It’s a Sin, can’t put a dent in his mood: the above précis is delivered with a cackle.


And fair enough. The brilliant, moving, crushing and – despite Howells’ description – very funny It’s a Sin is a hell of show to make your TV debut in. Well, It’s a Sin isn’t quite Howells’s TV debut. He did Soccer AM the previous weekend with his Cardiff City hero Joe Ledley, and he’s still buzzing.


“Every Saturday morning it’d be on in my house,” he says, eyes wide, “and I’d come down and have a bacon butty and watch the whole thing. So to be on it is amazing. I just loved it.”

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