Hollywood’s New Power Couple?

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Janelle Monáe & Lupita Nyong’o stoked rumors that they are dating after being publically affectionate at the Met Gala’s After Party in New York City. The opening night reception was for “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” the latest iteration of the Met’s annual spring blockbuster fashion show.

Susan Sontag wrote “Notes on Camp” in 1964 and defines this as follows: “Camp is its love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.”

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – MARCH 02: Actors Lupita Nyong’o and Janelle Monae pose as Janelle Monae and Belvedere Vodka kick-off “A Beautiful Future” Campaign with Fem the Future Brunch at Catch LA on March 2, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Belvedere Vodka)

Rhymes With Snitch wrote:

Lupita Nyong’o and Janelle Monaé raise eyebrows at Met Gala after party…

In a video posted on Instagram Live Janelle can be seen in the background standing close to Lupita gently caressing her face while Danai Gurira stands next to them oblivious.

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Sandra Rose wrote on her eponymous blog:

We’ve known for years that Janelle prefers her back rubs with soft hands. In fact, your auntie told you way back in the day that the pop singer-turned-actress was a card carrying member of the LGBT tribe. But the reports were dismissed as speculation until Janelle, 33, confirmed the rumors by coming out as “queer” and “Pansexual” last year.

Monáe confirmed rumors about her sexuality in a Rolling Stone cover story last year:

“Being a queer black woman in America,” she says, taking a breath as she comes out, “someone who has been in relationships with both men and women – I consider myself to be a free-ass motherfucker.” She initially identified as bisexual, she clarifies, “but then later I read about pansexuality and was like, ‘Oh, these are things that I identify with too.’ I’m open to learning more about who I am.”

“Lupita, 36, has reportedly dated 41-year-old Black Panther co-star Danai Gurira (Okoye) on off over the last year. The two actresses were inseparable until Janelle stepped into the picture,” Rose concluded.

Danai’s seemed oblivious to their canoodling, rocking a look she named “The Dandy Re-imagined” stating that Oscar Wilde was an inspiration for this look. “I think Oscar would approve, Danai wrote. “One of my favorite quotes of his is: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

In the past, “[Monáe] always ducked questions about her sexuality (‘I only date androids’ was a stock response) but embedded the real answers in her music. “If you listen to my albums, it’s there,” she told Rolling Stone. Monáe cite[ed]:

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 27: Lupita Nyong’o and Janelle Monae attend Fem The Future Brunch sponsored by Toyota on August 27, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

“Mushrooms & Roses” and “Q.U.E.E.N.,” two songs that reference a character named Mary as an object of affection. In the 45-minute film accompanying Dirty Computer, “Mary Apple” is the name given to female “dirty computers” taken captive and stripped of their real names, one of whom is played by Tessa Thompson. (The actress has been rumored to be Monáe’s girlfriend, though Monáe won’t discuss her dating life.) The original title of “Q.U.E.E.N.,” she notes, was “Q.U.E.E.R.,” and you can still hear the word on the track’s background harmonies,” reported Rolling Stone in a cover story on Monáe last year.

Although the two women make a beautiful couple, Hot New Hop cautioned:

For what it’s worth, neither side has confirmed the speculation. People are going purely based on what they’re seeing and what went down at the extravagant Met Gala. Janelle Monae has been open about her sexuality, coming out as pansexual last year. She hasn’t always been clear about who she’s spending her time with but that’s not exactly any of our business now, is it? A number of gossip websites have started to run with the speculation that Janelle and Lupita could be a little bit more than just friends. 

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