In ‘Sex Explained’ Janelle Monáe Becomes the Sex Ed Teacher We Need

The new Netflix documentary series, Sex Explained, narrated by none other than Janelle Monáe is the kind of frank talk around sex we should be having in high schools around the country.

PRIDE writes of the show, “It’s meant to be a companion to the awful sex education received in pretty much all American schools, covering basic topics that every teen and young adult starting out on their sexual awakening should know while also diving into more complex subjects like BDSM and orgy fantasies.”

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The Daily Beast said,Sex, Explained, the docuseries released on Netflix in collaboration with Vox, offers straightforward, nonjudgmental explainers on a wide range of sex-related topics. Though by no means a substitute for comprehensive sex ed, the Janelle Monáe-narrated series provides adults with a valuable supplement to whatever knowledge they may (or may not) have gleaned from school and experience.”

Sex, Explained is currently available on Netflix. Watch the trailer below.



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