‘I’m Here. I’m Queer. I Have a Debit Card,’ Jaboukie Young-White Cracks Jokes at Corporations Cashing in on Pride: WATCH

“Here I am! I am queer! I have a debit card!” The Daily Show’s youth and queer correspondent, Jaboukie Young-White went to the Pittsburgh Equality March to find out how the LGBTQ community feels about corporate participation in Pride Month.

On June 9, two Pride parades happened in Pittsburgh: the Pittsburgh Pride Equality March and People’s Pride. The Pittsburgh Pride March drew controversy in previous years for its prominent sponsorship by EQT, a fracking company (EQT pulled back this year, now one of dozens of sponsors.) People’s Pride is hosted by by transgender shelter SisTers PGH.

Young-White interviews the leaders of both events, as well as attendees. When one attendee complains about corporations profiting off of LGBTQIA people, Young-White quips “That’s what the ‘Q’ in LGBTQIA stands for: qorporations.”

Young-White points out that EQT “swings both ways” by simultaneously supporting Pride and donating to anti-gay politicians. Later on, he introduces a dildo attached to a drill, labeled with an EQT logo. “I thought that maybe this could really get across the message.”

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