If You Have an Older Brother You’re More Likely to Be Gay: STUDY

It looks like all those Brother Crush videos may be onto something. If you are a boy you’re more likely to be gay if you have an older brother.

Above: Brothers by Jude Beck@judebeck on Unsplash.

The New York Post reported: New research found that having an older brother increases men’s chances of being gay, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. “The fascinating study estimates that having an older brother increases the odds of being gay by 38 percent, supporting the idea that a mother’s immune response to having a male child influences subsequent boys,” University of Cambridge professor and statistician David Spiegelhalter told the Daily Mail. “People have endlessly argued about the possible roles of genetics and upbringing, but this clear result fits in neither category.”

Read the full study here.

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