Hugh Jackman Says Kevin Fiege Would Sneak Comics Onto the ‘X-Men’ Set When Bryan Singer Had Them Banned

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Hugh Jackman told MTV’s Josh Horowitz the story of how Kevin Fiege used to sneak comics on set for the actors of X-Men cause they were banned by the director. “I honestly believe if it wasn’t for Kevin, Hugh Jackman wouldn’t have been as great as Wolverine,” Horowitz said.

“When I got the part I remember going into his office,” Jackman told MTV. “Wall-to-wall comic books, and by the way, comic books were banned on the set because Bryan Singer had this thing that people would think… he really wanted to take comic book characters seriously as real three-dimensional characters. ‘People who don’t understand these comics might think they’re two-dimensional,’ so no one was allowed, everyone… it was like contraband. I never read X-Men, so people just slipped under my door, I’m having to look, I’m reading these things. I’m looking and these are brilliant, because look at the physicality.”

Jackman was impressed by Feige’s setup, and used his plethora of comics to get a better idea of just who Logan was with some helpful advice from Feige.