How the Founders of InKLOUT Are Generating Trust in the Creator Economy

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As the creator economy continues to expand, inKLOUT has launched as a turnkey incubator for influencers who want to develop and market signature product lines and expand their personal brands.  

Leveraging the network of Advantage Solutions’ marketing agencies, inKLOUT brings expertise in product sourcing and supply chain dynamics, branding, packaging, digital marketing, e-commerce, media and retail marketing to the influencer community. inKLOUT embraces each influencer’s area of expertise, creativity, storytelling and vision to help develop and promote self-branded products to thriving and loyal fan bases. 

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The inKLOUT/influencer partnerships include inKLOUT providing investment capital to launch these nascent businesses. This unique, performance-based model gives influencers the opportunity to diversify their revenue by creating products their fans and followers will love. 

The agency is opening with 12 creators at various stages of market readiness. These include model and entrepreneur Ava Dash Z (above), the daughter of entrepreneur and record executive Damon Dash and fashion designer Rachel Roy who has created a line of A.BABY vegan lip glosses, and “Project Runway” season 15 winner and fashion scientist Erin Robertson and her dip powder nail kit. TikToker, fashionista and baker Dana Hasson is launching a baking kit today that includes silicone baking trays and edible glitter. 

“Digital entertainment, e-commerce and social media trendlines are continuing to reach new levels and with these trendlines so grows the creator economy,” said Katelyn Stokes, vice president of inKLOUT. “Influencers are skillful community builders with thriving followings around their personalities and have unique points of view and ideas. We’re excited to be part of the next steps in their journeys to build lasting brands and flourishing businesses.”

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the creator economy is worth $104.2 billion and is projected to reach into the trillions with the expansion of people’s digital lifestyles and gig-economy careers. In addition to sourcing and designing products and building direct-to-consumer storefronts for Ava Dash, Erin Robertson and Dana Hasson, inKLOUT is partnering with nail aficionado Chrysta Williams, three dog influencers and their owners, and baker Tessa Arias of Handle the Heat, among others. 

Hasson, who rose to prominence when one of her TikTok videos went viral, credits inKLOUT with her ability to diversify her brand portfolio. “Developing content for my social platforms is really a 24/7 job so inKLOUT has been a crucial partner in my product line,” said Hasson. “They helped me with every part of the process from sourcing suppliers, to building out a website and coordinating customer service. It’s exciting because it gives me the opportunity to build my own personal brand.”

Dash, whose line of clean, cruelty-free lip glosses for all skin tones are an early collaboration for inKLOUT, said, “partnering with inKLOUT has accelerated my vision to turn my passion into a retail business. I’m excited to build the A.BABY brand and push into new categories with a like-minded business partner with shared values.”

“The last two years have changed consumer behavior immeasurably, which means marketing paradigms and shopping trends are changing, too,” said Carmela Cugini, president of Advantage’s Direct-to-Consumer Retail Group. “We’re excited to continue to keep in step with changing culture and contribute in new ways.”

#GayNrd asked InKLOUT’s VP Katelyn Stokes a few questions.

What drew you to this business? I’ve always loved being a part of the creative process – it is why I started my career in advertising and marketing. As I gained more experience in my career, I became fascinated by how businesses operate and grow, which led me to work in corporate strategy. So, when the opportunity arose to build a business that helps creators build their businesses, it was the perfect blend of my past experience and passions – brand building, participating in the creative process and working with motivated entrepreneurs. And, I am learning something new every day.

How is it different than so-called “traditional” marketing? Marketing is one piece of the puzzle as we are leveraging consumer insights to build products, sourcing the products, developing the packaging, managing shipping and fulfillment, creating the eCommerce experience, selling into retail partners and on third party marketplaces and partnering with creators on the marketing & PR plan to drive awareness and purchase of the product. I’d say it’s more analogous to building and marketing emerging brands.

How do you feel as a woman (an in the industry? Have you ever felt as if it held you back?) No. As a part of Advantage Solutions, which is led by a female CEO and CRO, I have had endless opportunities. I would be remiss to not mention all the incredible male mentors and bosses I have had as well who have always opened doors for me and supported me.

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inKLOUT is powered by Advantage Solutions, parent company of Daymon, the industry’s leading developer of private brands for retailers, and the Advantage Marketing Partners collective of agencies. This connection allows inKLOUT to move with scale and speed with a new take on accelerating emerging brands. With access to 6,000 contract manufacturers across more than 100 product categories, inKLOUT is a brand accelerator that helps influencers, regardless of vertical, develop a product that is true to them and their story. For more information, please visit