Happy Gay Pride Ya’ Nerds: 6 Pics To Get You Through Hump Day

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It’s the last Wednesday of June of 2019, four days away from simultaneous World Pride and Stonewall 50 events this weekend in NYC, and we’re stuck at work.

So we turned to our fave site for original art, deviant art dot come to see what they had for Gay Nerd Pride. Enjoy and remember only two days left in the week!

Two Happy Nerds by awkwardbirb.

Nathan and Theo by Oni-Zelink.

Happy pride month ya nerdsby planetoiid.

I always thought you were funny by LoveMySockhead12.

AAAAAAAAa by MegTrash.

Pride Nerds by SweetGelato.

yee haw it gay month
so I actually drew these nerds on time since,, they dating and usually im late with themed month or week stuff
but I tried a new shading style which I think came out good
so enjoy these nerds

Connor – Donut Day/Pride Month by angi-pants.

Happy Pride and Donut Pride! Here’s Connor, my precious gay nerd son, about to indulge in his favorite snack :3

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