Happy Birthday, Julie Newmar!

THE FORMER model and actress who was one of the most famous actresses to play Catwoman on ABC’s hit 1960s show Batman, along with Eartha Kitt, turns 86 today, according to 13th Dimension.

Newmar once said she didn’t know “what other actresses were considered for Catwoman,” she told me in her distinctive purr. “Suzanne Pleshette comes to mind. I think I flew out on the weekend after I was contacted in New York, on a Friday.”

Next thing she knew she was in costume fittings and, “If I’m not wrong about all of this, we may have started shooting on Wednesday.”

Newmar today.

When Adam West passed away in 2017, at the age of 88 after a short battle with leukemia, she said , of West, “The first words that come to mind are steller, examplar, a king to the end,” in an interview just now from her Los Angeles home.

“He was bright, witty and funny,” she said. “I knew I would miss him in the physical world, but also savor him in the greater sense of his being with us.”

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