Greta Thunberg, Morrissey, John Waters, Anthony Bowen, Levar Burton, Representative Val Demings, Marvel’s Fear of Kisses, Earth Day 2021, and MORE: #GAYNRD DAILY

EARTH DAY 2021 was in full effect today and here in #GayNrd’s daily round-up of news, art, and best bets from all corners of the interwebz and social media for Thursday April 22, 2021. Art above: DC’s Earthly elemental sentinels Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing by Pete Knight.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to director John Waters who turned 75 today.

FAN ART  Green Lantern: Happy Earth Day!

NO MORE #SnyderVerse? CNBC: Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League was well-viewed by HBO Max subscribers, but  did little to boost subscriptions and fell short of the record reached by Wonder Woman 1984. Hopefully meaning that calls to #RestoreTheSnyderverse will end soon. Other facts: HBO Max and HBO added 2.7 million domestic subscribers during the first quarter of 2021. The biggest difference between HBO Max and other players is that it currently only operates its streaming video on-demand service in the U.S.. Godzilla vs. Kong, which was released on the last day of the quarter, drew the largest audience on HBO Max.

TEE OF THE DAY From a Facebook post from my friend Mindy from college. You can buy one here.

GREAT THUNBERG asked Congress today, “How long do you think you can continue to ignore the climate crisis, the global aspect of equity and historic emissions without being held accountable?”

Rolling Stone: Testifying before Congress on Earth Day, Greta Thunberg, the 18-year-old Swedish climate activist, warned of the dire consequences if the United States continues to subsidize the fossil fuel industry. The fact that these subsidies exist, she said, is “clear proof that we have not understood the climate emergency at all.”

Thunberg, who addressed the United Nations at age 16, told a House subcommittee that the world is way behind where it needs to be to avoid a climate crisis. “The fact that we are still having this discussion and even more that we are still subsidizing fossil fuels directly or indirectly using taxpayer money is a disgrace,” she said. President Biden has proposed ending these giveaways to the fossil fuel industry and raising levies on corporate polluters as part of his economic recovery plan, but it faces resistance from the fossil fuel lobby and Republicans (and a handful of Democrats) in Congress.

DEATH of the Endless, by Shannon Stamey. Oil and pencil on paper.

SCARED OF A KISS An investigation into the lack of kissing in the Marvel Cinematic universe. Polygon: A good movie kiss is fun to watch and an exciting story development, a sign that the relationship between two characters is going to get deeper or more complicated. If you’re a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though? It might never happen.

At some point during Disney Plus’ miniseries WandaVision, which is expressly focused on a romantic relationship, I started to wonder: How often do characters actually kiss each other in the MCU? PDA isn’t entirely lacking in the franchise; Tony and Pepper kiss plenty, and Thor kisses Jane Foster — but looking back on so many hours of action movies without so much as the faintest hints of romance, it began to feel like the MCU avoids even the tamest signs of affection. These are action movies built around big exciting fights, not characters racing dramatically to airports to confess their feelings to each other. (Perhaps the MCU should have a few of those scenes. Just an idea.)

EARTHLY DELIGHTS Colorado reminds us of its natural wonder in time for Earth Day.


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FAN ART The Teen Titans‘ Rachel Roth aka Raven. Who doesn’t love Raven? by @onyxtemplegrfx

CHECK OUT this beautiful Latte with Blue Majik from @kailaniliving Earth Day Matcha Latte 🌎🍵.


TIK TOK OF THE DAY #HatersGonnaHate

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JOBS for LGBT youth. The New York Times: A new city program for homeless L.G.B.T.Q. youth will offer job placement, education and mental health support to help them achieve career success.

SICKENING Our yaoi meme of the day.

JAM for throwback Thursday. Years and Years’ Olly Alexander’s video for “If you’re over me.”

GEORGE M JOHNSON on Tik Tok may be the single greatest development of 2021.

@iamgmjohnsonGender roles are ruining boys. #fyp #Blacktiktok #foryou #foryourpage #foryoupage #fypage♬ Dreamy Vibes – Ocean Bay Jazz

LEVAR BURTON will guest host Jeopardy! after a huge fan driven petition.


PHOTO OF THE DAY Throwback to Star Trek: Discovery season 2 and Anson Mount (Captain Pike), Sonequa Martin-Greene (Commander Burnham), and Ethan Peck (Lt. Spock).

GOING BACK TO CALI in this #EarthDay post on Instagram.

FAN ART Atsuhina being boyfriends.


MORRISEY’S manager slammed The Simpsons as “hurtful and racist” after the series parodied the musician. The hit animated comedy series pokes fun at the Smiths frontman in its latest episode, titled ‘Panic on the Streets of Springfield’, in which Lisa Simpson becomes obsessed with the vegan singer of a 1980s indie band called The Snuffs. In the episode – which takes its name from The Smiths track ‘Panic’ – Lisa’s dreams are shattered when it transpires her idol, who is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, has become a bitter, overweight, anti-immigrant meat-eater.

And Morrissey’s manager, Peter Katsis, has now taken to social media to slam the show for its parody of the singer as “insulting” and “hurtful”, as well as calling the writing “harshly hateful”. In a lengthy Facebook post on the Morrissey Official page, Peter wrote: “Surprising what a “turn for the worst” the writing for The Simpson’s tv show has taken in recent years. “Poking fun at subjects is one thing. Other shows like SNL still do a great job at finding ways to inspire great satire. “But when a show stoops so low to use harshly hateful tactics like showing the Morrissey character with his belly hanging out of his shirt (when he has never looked like that at any point in his career) makes you wonder who the real hurtful, racist group is here. (sic)”

Peter went on to highlight the ways in which the cartoon version of Morrissey – who is called Quilloughby – differs from the real-life musician. He added: “Even worse – calling the Morrissey character out for being a racist, without pointing out any specific instances, offers nothing. It only serves to insult the artist. “Unlike the character in the Simpson’s “Panic” episode……. “Morrissey has never made a “cash grab”, hasn’t sued any people for their attacks, has never stopped performing great shows, and is still a serious vegan and strong supporter for animal rights. “By suggesting all of the above in this episode…the Simpson’s hypocritical approach to their storyline says it all. “Truly they are the only ones who have stopped creating, and have instead turned unapologetically hurtful and racist. (sic)”

The Simpons‘ head writer Tom Long said: “I’m sticking by that. The character is definitely Morrissey-esque, with maybe a small dash of Robert Smith from the Cure, Ian Curtis from Joy Division, and a bunch of other people.”

BURN “Did I strike a nerve?” Watch former Police Chief, Rep. Val Demings STOP Jim Jordan’s ignorant interruption:

Demings is a 27 year veteran police officer who rose to become the first woman Police Chief in Orlando, Florida. She was widely respected for her work in an area with double the average crime rate in the state and the country, was elected to represent that area in Congress, and was on the short list to be Biden’s VP.

THANKS says Elite wrestler Anthony Bowens. Towleroad: “There’s only one descriptor that universally applies to out pro wrestler Anthony Bowens since joining All Elite Wrestling last November: successful. Bowens landed an AEW contract alongside tag team partner “Platinum” Max Caster, collectively known as The Acclaimed, just one month after debuting with the company and hasn’t looked back.”

“This didn’t come without its struggles, though. For me, I’ve been doing this for eight years. I’ve had a lot of carrots dangled in front of me. I represent the LGBTQ community. I’m an openly gay professional wrestler, so I had a lot of years living in fear of whether I’d be able to do this or not,” Bowens said. “To even be here is an incredible opportunity and I’m extremely grateful for it.”

EARTH DAY‘s Thursday thirst trap entails hiking! Andrew goes places says, “Happy earth day! Just cleaned out my gutters and am now cleaning up one of the hiking trails out here. Taking out invasive plant species hoping the natural flora will flourish! 🌲”