God Bless Jane Fonda, Getting Arrested for Social Justice Since 1972

It’s been a long road for “Hanoi” Jane as she was disparagingly called after visiting North Vietnam in 1972 as the long war in that country was winding to an end.

On October 18th, the Grace & Frankie actress’ publicist issued this statement, “Jane Fonda’s second ‘Fire Drill Friday’ focuses on the urgent need to enact a Green New Deal—a national mobilization on the scale of FDR’s New Deal and mobilization for World War II—to address the climate crisis we now face. A Green New Deal would make the investments in communities, public infrastructure and private industry to provide clean energy and create millions of high-wage jobs while protecting the workers and communities affected by this economic transition. It is the pathway to transform our economy responsibly and inclusively from unsustainable fossil fuel dependence to clean, renewable resources”

On October 25th, “Ted Danson & Others join Jane Fonda for civil disobedience  at the third  “FIRE DRILL FRIDAY.”


According to Jezebel, “Jane Fonda is good at many things, including but not limited to: acting, aerobics, protesting, making a subset of Boomers apoplectic at the mention of her name for nearly 50 years, looking fucking great, and getting arrested. But did you know that she can do many of these things simultaneously?

On October 25, Jane Fonda was arrested for the third time in three weeks for “unlawfully demonstrating” at an ongoing climate change protest in Washington D.C. alongside a second beloved actor, Ted Danson. In order to attend the protest, Fonda had to skip the Bafta Los Angles awards where she was set to receive the Stanley Kubric Award for excellence in film. So as police were leading her away, Fonda shouted, “Bafta, thank you. I’m very honored.” Footage of the arrest was shown in her stead at the ceremony. [The Guardian, Variety]

Danson’s wife Mary Steenberger posted on Insta, ““I am proud and inspired by you always, Ted,” the post reads. “You have fought since you were young for the health of this planet. I look up to you, to the inspired young people and to our friend, @janefonda and I cannot wait to be able to be there to stand with you all. In the meantime, love to you, my first time jailbird. I hope you remembered to pack that Kind bar like I suggested.”


“The Green New Deal is bold, expensive and far-reaching because we have to not only end our dependence on fossil fuel but on the exploitative, extractive mindset that has brought us to this point of unsustainable inequality. It’s not just nature that’s being destroyed, it’s our Democracy and the two crises are interconnected. One will not be solved without the other,” said Fonda in a statement to Gaynrd.


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