A Message from Geoffry on Pride



Happy Pride month everyone. 

Thanks for being gay. And if you’re not gay, work on that.

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Big Daddy’s Fireworks, if I recall correctly… that’s where Seb and I waited for a few hours when my car broke down on our move to Houston. It was the Friday before Easter Sunday, so even finding a car shop willing to hold the car was impossible. AAA eventually brought us to a Motel 8. We were in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Seb was frustrated by the lack of professionalism shown by the concierge. I was anxious when he asked for a room with one bed in a crowded lobby. When the car first broke down, the tow truck arrived and immediately announced that he had to leave and come back for us. There was an accident and he was needed on scene immediately. I was suspicious, but options were limited so we waited. An elderly couple was sat outside on a bench in a similar predicament. We sat next to them in silence for some time. When Seb spoke, they realized he wasn’t from here, and they encroached on our conversation. Question 1: “Where are you from?” Question 2: “So what do you think about Mr President Trump?” We are both highly politically engaged, and it wasn’t a task to have this conversation amicably, but a certain sentence really stood out here: “They really should have called it the March of Fat Sluts Too Ugly to Find a Man.” This in reference to the Women’s March immediately after Trumps election. I looked at his wife here. She was Dolly’d up and smiling like someone has so obviously trained her to. Beautifully done makeup caked on her, practically artistically, seeing as you’d need beautiful art to cover up such deep hatred. She pursed her lips in an agreeing smile. I chortled. They shortly after announced they were Southern Baptist’s and asked about our church preferences. I pretended to need the bathroom. The tow truck eventually returned, and dropped us to our motel which would host us during what ended up being one of my favorite stays in any city ever. . . . #portraiture #gayboy #portrait_vision #gayotter #gayman #gayselfie #scruffy #lgbt #gaybear #daddy #lowlightsandhighlights #queerphotographer #gayfit #vivelafrance #minimalistfashion #gayguy #gayjock #stereotypicalinstapost #gayhot #gayhairy #gayscruff #hairymuscle #mood #bodypositivity #whatsappgay

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