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IT’S THROWBACK THURSDAY So this week #GayNrd hired an algorithm to do today’s round-up for May 27, 2021. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Art above “The Creation of Peter. 🕸” by @darkmatterincorp.

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THE CLIMATE CHANGE battle has come to the boardroom. CNBC: “The world’s largest corporate emitters have suffered a series of landmark boardroom and courtroom defeats, reflecting the waning patience of investors pushing for much faster action to tackle the climate emergency. In just a few hours on Wednesday, shareholders at U.S. oil giant ExxonMobil supported a tiny activist hedge fund in overhauling the company’s board, investors in U.S. energy firm Chevron defied management on a pivotal climate vote and a Dutch court ordered Royal Dutch Shell to take much more aggressive action to drive down its carbon emissions.”

It shows the growing pressure on international oil and gas companies to set short, medium and long-term targets that are consistent with the Paris Agreement — the climate accord widely recognized as critically important to avoid an irreversible climate crisis.

BLACK JOY George M. Johnson, author of the YA bestseller All Boys Aren’t Blue wrote on Twitter: A teacher just sent me a message saying her 7th grader highlighted me for their class project…Today was a good day.”

VALEDICTORIAN Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants your message for the class of 2021.


@mshaw826Almost reason enough for me to get pregnant again 😂 #jokes #equalpay #genderreveal #fypシ #fyp #feminism♬ Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe

ART HISTORY with Kehinde Wiley. Portrait of Asia-Imani, Gabriella-Esnae, and Kaya Palmer, 2020
Oil on linen 94h x 69.13w in #kehindewiley


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#TBT NASA interstellar sexual health spokesperson has cautioned against the assumption that extraterrestrial life will be sexually desirable. “It is entirely possible that first contact takes places with insectoid creatures who lay thousands of glittering eggs…” read the statement. “A self-reproducing slime would also have no use for our rudimentary genitals. If the aliens are a gaseous sprite that communicates telepathically, where would you even… how?”

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BILLY PORTER on finding his truth during COVID.


POV I open Grindr in my gay doctor’s office and see the man next to me looking at my profile.

THROWBACK to 1991’s Batman vs Predator art by Matt Wagner.

TARGET MISSES with its pride fashion collection. #SMH

CRUISING London with Adam Lambert.


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ASIAN American signal boost.

#TBT WHY Did This Man Sniff Shawn Mendes’ Armpit? Poor Shawn Mendes. He’s so sweet and yet… last year E Online posted this strange story.

There was nothing holdin’ this interviewer back.

We hope Shawn Mendesput some deodorant on before this chat because someone wanted to get a whiff. In a very strange series of events, the 19-year-old star was doing an interview with Swedish TV presenter Martin Björk when things got a bit bizarre. The musician was in Sweden earlier in the week when we suspect this interview took place.

Björk’s line of questioning included queries about his “most ugly famous friend,” what he never wants to hear in bed and which one of his body parts he’s most proud of.

Then the pièce de résistance came: “Can I smell your armpits?” the TV star asked.

Mendes obliged—”Go for it”—and Björk sniffed. “F–k, that was good!” he responded surprised.

💪🏼 💪🏼 💪🏼

🦇 🦇 🦇

SPEAKING OF a Reddit user wrote “I had to draw what happened at the gym lol his manly body odor still lingers.”

“This guy in his 30’s caught me staring at him undressing after the gym. Well he cant blame me of him being hot and seeing his stained underwear. Wish I had the guts to ask suck his unwashed dick if not for my introverted self. LMAO. He should have just thrown his underwear in the trash so I could’ve stolen them.”

BEEN WEARING my Champion Leon cosplay from Pokemon as Gym Clothes. Gigantamax Leon!

CARDI B on friendship.


#TBT DYNAMIC DUO of Neal Brennan and John Mulaney. From Vulture in 2016: “Neal Brennan and John Mulaney have had stand-up specials, written for popular sketch shows, and starred on TV shows; however, now, more than ten years into their friendships and stand-up careers, they find themselves in similar places: theaters. Late last year, Mulaney, along with Nick Kroll, had a residency in an Off Broadway theater, performing as their longtime characters Oh, Hello. (A show that they’ve now taken on the road. They will be in Chicago March 18 to 24 and Los Angeles March 30 to April 2.) Currently through April 9, Brennan can be seen at New York’s Lynn Redgrave Theater, in his one-man show, 3 Mics. In the virtuosic show, Brennan, the co-creator of Chappelle’s Show, deconstructs stand-up into parts: one-liners, stand-up, and emotional stuff. The audience leaves with a rich picture of Brennan and his own deep understanding of comedy.”

WANDAVISION head writer Jac Schaeffer has signed a three-year overall deal TV deal with Marvel Studios and 20th Television. Variety: Under the deal, Schaeffer will develop projects for both Marvel Studios and 20th Television. Projects for Marvel Studios will go to Disney Plus, while projects for 20th TV will be developed for all platforms.

Schaeffer created WandaVision for television and also served as head writer and executive producer. She is also known for writing, directing, and producing the feature TiMER and also wrote the animated short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and the feature The Hustle starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. She also worked on the story for the upcoming Marvel feature Black Widow, which will be released in theaters and on Disney Plus on July 7.

OLD DOG Snoop couldn’t be cuter with grandpa’s youngest grandson 👊🏾❤️


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NIGERIAN FRIEND Yvonne Orji is wrapping Insecure with Issa Rae on HBO and developing a show with Oprah for Disney+ but we just caught her HBO comedy special Momma I Made It from last summer. The Los Angeles Times: “Yvonne Orji: Momma, I Made It!,” encapsulates the entirety of who Orji is: a breakout star of “Insecure,” a seasoned stand-up comedian and a 36-year-old Nigerian American woman, who is in real life a far cry from her very sexually active character, Molly. “People have been extremely upset by Molly and some of her decisions this season, and I personally have been getting some of that heat on Twitter. And I’m like, ‘I come in peace, I mean no harm!’” said Orji with a laugh. “I hope this helps fans separate Yvonne, the person, from Molly, the character, and appreciate the different forms of storytelling I can do.”


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As funny as “Momma, I Made It!” is, Orji understands if some audiences, specifically black viewers in America, do not immediately tune in. “If people are like, ‘We don’t have time for this, this is not the weekend,’ I completely get it,” she said, in reference to the ongoing protests against police brutality against black people. “I’m with everyone in this fight that we’re in to be seen as human beings.

“But in the midst of all the trauma and oppression and injustice, we still need a moment to take off the cape when we get home, because it’s exhausting,” she continued. “We need that moment of levity, because if not, you will just be in a constant state of rage. I hope to provide 65 minutes of healing through humor, of collective exhaling through laughter.”

THE DIFFERENT GAYS you find at the club.


MUSIC MAN Musician and composer from Ireland 🇮🇪 PhD in musical composition 🎶
Latest music ✨☘️✨


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A LUNAR ECLIPSE is when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. The result is an orange Moon or “Blood Moon” where the entire Moon glows reddish/orange. “In person, the phenomenon is life changing. You owe yourself to witness a Lunar Eclipse in real life one day. Trust me.”

“In celebration of today’s Lunar Eclipse, I re-processed some of my images from back when I photographed the one in 2019. This image is an HDR composite consisting of one image tracked for the Moon to expose for the highlights, and another tracked shot exposed for the stars and the little glow behind the moon. Both images were taken with My Nikon D850, Nikkor 200-500 lens, and iOptron Skyguider Pro.”

Moon shot was: 5 seconds, f/5.6, ISO 64. Star shot was: 20 seconds, f/7.1, ISO 800. Check out my Instagram.

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PFLAG  National Launches New Broadcast “What Makes Pride” with Melissa Harris-Perry. Beginning June 1st and continuing each Tuesday in June, PFLAG National invites viewers to tune in to the new limited series What Makes Pride, hosted by Melissa Harris-Perry. Each of the five episodes will premiere at 11:30am ET/8:30am PT every Tuesday in June on PFLAG National’s YouTube and Facebook channels, and at, with additional content on PFLAG National’s Instagram feed.


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In a year marked by social upheaval, growing white supremacist movements, and a global pandemic, organizations led by and for people who are queer, transgender, Black, Indigenous, and people of color (QTBIPOC) are creating transformational change in communities. What Makes Pride focuses the lens on their stories, their work, and the QTBIPOC leaders who embody Pride in 2021.

“As the nation’s largest organization for families and allies of LGBTQ+ people, it’s our role to signal boost. What Makes Pride builds on this action, and elevates the ‘who’ behind transformational work,” said PFLAG National Executive Director Brian K. Bond. “I’m excited that so many more people will learn about these incredible organizations and leaders. We’re grateful to host Melissa Harris-Perry, the production teams with the Anna Julia Cooper Center and Bellflower Media, Tomu DJ, and especially our wonderful agency, Wear Your Voice, for their work to bring these important conversations to light.”

“I am looking forward to sharing the What Makes Pride series with a broad audience,” said host Melissa Harris-Perry. “These are conversations with critical voices, extraordinary artists, and effective organizers. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to host these episodes.”

BEST BURGER Agent to the stars Tyler Grasham displays his fave fix.


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THE CAPITOL RIOTS CBS News: America watched as hordes of rioters broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6 — crushing through windows, pressing up stairways, and sending lawmakers and law enforcement running for their lives. The flood of protesters who streamed into the Capitol that day left federal authorities with an equally immense task: finding and charging those responsible. The Department of Justice told CBS News that as of May 6, approximately 440 defendants had been arrested since the attack. The government has said in court filings that in addition to the more than 400 people who had already been charged, federal prosecutors still expect to charge at least 100 more.

Prosecutors have called the case “unprecedented” in scale, and the government said in a March court filing that the Capitol attack “is likely the most complex investigation ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”

LOKI PROMO POSTERS were released by Disney+.


THURSDAY’S THIRST TRAP hails from New Jersey.


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ANOTHER SHOOTING this time in San Jose, California.

ICON Alan Turing (1912-1954) made all this possible.

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LOUDER for the people in the back.

SWEET REVIEW for Sweet Tooth,

THIS THIRST TRAP is a mystery hottie.

LEO HERRERA Every. Year. We don’t need to scrape off Sexual Liberation history from our Pride to make people “comfortable.” Hasn’t happened in 50 years, ain’t gonna start now. “Here come the tired debates on what’s “acceptable” at Pride. (AKA what won’t offend the squares & their damn kids.) In the 70s it was Trans folks, 80s & 90s it was Leathermen & Drag Queens. now it’s Kink. Again. Worry less about jockstraps, more about corporate floats driving on ethical minefields & cops trying to erase a century of police brutality w/ viral dancing videos. This retro “acceptability” sh*t is a reminder the biggest threat to our culture is always us.” Leo Herrera 5.26.21


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THREE MEN for you bara loving bitches.

WONDER COSPLAYER CutiePieSensei does a flawless Silver Age Wonder Woman.

💫 💫 💫

THE PROPER way to piss in public.

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IT HAD to be the cereal.


FRIENDS What are they for?

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