Tom Holland, Sha’Carri Richardson, Carl Nassib, Alex Grant, David Hogg, Julian Hilliard, Ian McKellan, Chris Claremont, and More: #GAYNRD DAILY🍉🌮🎬🌈

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#GAYNRD DAILY the news and art round-up for Tuesday, June 22, 2021. Art above: Constantine/HellBlazer artwork by postermojo on IG, Twitter.

“Being gay Twitter famous is easy — you just post a pic of your armpit and call everything homophobic.”

Mike Schwitter

FUNNY HE DOESN’T LOOK DRUISH Only Fans star Alex Grant is interviewed in Tablet.


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FIRST TIME ON GRINDR it only gets worse.

GRINDR TIPS for my friends’ kid. Absolutely not.

SNUGGLE cuddles.

WHEN YOU’RE A BLACK GIRL dating a white guy.

BEHIND THE SCENES of The Uncanny X-Men. Chris Claremont’s X-Men on Prime describes itself thusly: Chris Claremont came to Marvel as a young man, and was assigned a book that no one else wanted, a book on the brink of cancellation: X-Men. Over the next 17 years, his work on the title turned it into the biggest franchise in comic book history. Forty years later, his work has been adapted into 10 films, three TV series, countless video games and become a part of our cultural mythology.

FAN ART Jessica Cruz by Sami Basri.

HAMLET OPENS Ian McKellan is ecstatic to be performing live again.


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HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY Julian Hillard aka Billy Maximoff from WandaVision.


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DINOSAUR HUNTERS Dinosaur skeletons are the hottest commodity in the growing market. The most recent iteration of fossil craze began, perhaps, with Sue, a complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton sold in 1997 for $8.36 million.

Then there was Stan, another complete T-rex, that sold at auction at Christie’s last year for a record-shattering $31.8 million. James Hyslop, head of science and natural history at Christie’s, said that he had seen the market grow every year since 2007.

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TOM HOLLAND on hiatus.


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THE BIG QUESTION Evan Ross Katz: Why is it so important to have out LGBTQ+ athletes like Sha’Carri Richardson and Carl Nassib being visible and celebrated on the world stage? Many might question the significance of this given the surplus of out LGBTQ+ figures in the media. But it’s actually worth looking at through the prism of impact. According to a 2019 research brief conducted by @trevorproject, LGBTQ+ youth who report having at least one accepting adult were 40% less likely to report a suicide attempt. Seeing figures like Sha’Carri and Carl living out and proud and being celebrated both for their queerness but also (and this is the really important part IMHO) for their athletic prowess can make many of our LGBTQ+ youth feel like they’ve found someone who, like them, is “different,” and who they see being accepted and celebrated for that difference. It also, no doubt, encourages other athletes to come out, which can help shift the culture of homophobia and transphobia that runs so rampant in sports. So next time someone tells you “what’s the big deal?” maybe help them consider the bigger picture.


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LOOKING HOMEWARD Spiderman No Way Home conceptart by Capegraph.

GRATUITOUS naked yoga.


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