Gavin Newsom, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, David Wojnarowicz, Wilson Cruz, Laz Marquez, Damaris Lewis, Alanis Morrisette, Celia Rose Gooding, Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X, and More: #GAYNRD DAILY

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#GAYNRD DAILY Our news, art, and ephemera from around the web, social media, and around the world for Wednesday September 15, 2021. Art above: “Nanaue versus Starro” by @enrirdf. Below variant cover for the upcoming Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #1 by Christian Ward. “As teased on the final page of his Urban Legends story, next year will bring the launch of Batman Beyond: Neo-Year, a six-issue miniseries from writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Max Dunbar, the same creative team who brought Terry back to solve Bruce’s murder. Reports SyFy Wire. “This is the long-awaited next chapter in Terry McGinnis’ life — one where he must learn what becoming Batman means to him in a city that doesn’t want to be saved, We’re digging into the noir tradition of Batman: Year One and The Long Halloween to push Terry past the lessons Bruce gave him and into a tradition defined by his own character and the strange new Gotham in which he operates. What’s past is prologue. This Batman must go beyond.”

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” Napoleon Hill


CAN HE HAZ BOOKS PLZ Jack Harlow says he can read dammit!

TWEET OF THE DAY Kill your darlings, darlin’.

BEING PROBED by aliens. Hits different these days.  From Alien Dicks and B-Day Gifts.

PREVAILS Gavin Newsom. Recall initiative in California fails.

VMAS Lil Nas brought the house down.



HUMAN VALUES by Darwyn Cooke. From 9/11 published by DC Comics.

NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR Alanis Morissette will not support HBO’s upcoming documentary about her music career, saying the filmmaker betrayed her trust. “This was not the story I agreed to tell.”

TITANS Our favorite thing about season 3? Damaris Lewis’ portrayal of Komnd’r/Blackfire. I dig the liberties they’ve taken because her performance is great (a dash of Phillipa Georgiou doesn’thurt). Lewis recently spoke to Winter Is Coming and said: “Blackfire is having a very new experience at Wayne Manor. She walks in like she owns the place, and then is quickly reminded that she doesn’t, but she doesn’t care. Blackfire is in pure observation mode in 306, but also, too, what’s the thing she’s wanted her whole life? She’s wanting to feel like she belongs. Hm, my sister’s stayed here for so long, what’s this about? Why didn’t she come back? Let me try to find some clues while I’m here.”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JUNE 05: Damaris Lewis attends the FX Network’s “Pose” Season 2 Premiere on June 05, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

For Blackfire, this is all an eye-opening adventure, and she immediately starts pushing the boundaries of the other team members. “She walks into Wayne Manor [and sees Connor] and she goes, ‘Koriand’r. I see you’ve prepared a welcome gift, have it washed immediately and brought to my chamber.’ And everybody’s like, ‘What? What are you talking about?’”

SPEAKING OF Our cosplay of the day. Starfire by Zoe Volf.

LEWKS we wish we say at the #MetGala by Laz Marquez.

Commander Deanna Troi of Betazed.

Lt. Commander Nyota Uhura of Earth.

Celia Rose Gooding will play Uhura it was revealed at last week’s #StarTrekDay on Strange New Worlds. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premieres on Paramount+ in 2022.

IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? Dr. Hugh Culber aka Wilson Cruz looking fine.


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BELATED Happy Birthday David Wojnarowicz. 9.14.54-7.22.92


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SMASH or pass?

REMINDER to those folks who think She-Hulk is recent “woke” creation, her comic-book written by Stan Lee himself 41 years ago.

GODZILLA’S A TOP I mean, was this ever in question? Have you seen Kong’s badonkadonk?!
FAN ART  Misfit  by Dima Ivanov.
FAN ART  “Care for a Smoke?” John Constantine by IG: @vamkire_trannel.
COVER BOY @FitNarad Sports man *20 years* Love: boxing, football, fitness and pizza  (not at the same time) Snapchat: fit_narad IG: cemveu.
INEVITABLE Venom will “of course” meet Spider-Man, says Andy Serkis. “It’s gonna happen.”

PARTING SHOT So I heard the venom 2 post credit scene leaked.