Gary Larson’s ‘The Far Side’ Makes Its Online Debut with New Comics Coming Soon

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Gary Larson’s The Far Side, which was syndicated from 1980 to 1995, debuted online for the first time today, along with an announcement of new stories comic next year in honor of its 40th Anniversary.

According to The Verge: “High-tech improvements in security and graphics have also been another push for Larson to join the online world. Though he still has some reservations about the internet — “If they wanted to, I’m sure the Russians could get inside this thing and start messing with my captions. (I know they’re thinking about it!)” — Larson told The New York Times that he recently got a tablet, and that he’s been having fun drawing again.”

“I hope all the reasons I’ve given here help explain why I’m so late to this party,” Larson writes. “But I’m finally here. And I could use a drink.”

The Far Side became a cultural phenomenon after it appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle on Jan. 1, 1980, reported The New York Times. The single-panel comic, which ran until Larson, now 69, retired in 1995, featured men, women, children, animals and insects in often offbeat and sometimes inscrutable situations. One installment, “Cow Tools,” featured a bovine in front of a worktable with an odd assortment of implements. The image was described on Reddit as the comic’s most “notoriously confusing cartoon.” There were also occasional controversies: A chimp once described Jane Goodall as a tramp, though she later wrote the foreword for a collected edition of the series. One scientist even named an insect after Larson.

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