French Teen Charged with Murdering the Priest who Raped Him by Shoving Crucifix Down His Throat

A 19 year-old French teen referred to as Alexandre V. to protect his identity, has been charged with the murder of 91 year-old priest Roger Matassoli. Matassoli was killed by V. allegedly ramming a crucifix down his throat.

Photo: Broken statue of Christ crucified, nailed to a wall with string supporting His arms, abandoned object, reused on a countryside outdoor folk shrine, Hermosillo, Senora, Mexico. Photo credit: Wonderlane on Unsplash 

Matassoli it was reported, had been relocated twice due to sexual assault allegations, and been accused of sexually abusing Alexandre V. and his father Stéphane, as well as two other young men between 1960 and 2000. “Stéphane’s father—Alexandre’s grandfather—allegedly committed suicide when he found out about his son’s abuse, according to French news outlets, and Alexandre reportedly attempted suicide following his own abuse. ‘This man has shattered a whole family,’ Stéphane previously told the French newspaper, Le Parisien. French police are investigating the murder as an act of revenge,” reports The Daily Beast.

The priest was relocated from the diocese of Clermont in 1967 and the diocese of Saint-Andre-Farivillers in 1984 to Agnetz after he was hit with sexual-abuse allegations. Amid numerous sexual-assault allegations, he remained on the church’s payroll until 2018.

The priest’s body was found in his home with signs of torture on November 4. Alexandre, who worked as a housekeeper in Matassoli’s home, was caught by authorities attempting to escape in the holy man’s car and arrested on the same day. However, he was transferred to hospital due to alleged psychiatric problems and was not formally charged until December 26. The suspect had tried to kill himself after being abused by the priest, according to the suspect’s father Stephane, who has also claimed that his father killed himself when he learnt how his son had been abused by the priest. Speaking about the priest’s impact on his family to French media, Stephane said the priest had ‘shattered a whole family’.

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