Fox News Just Blocked & Unfriended John Bolton for Crossing Trump

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Fox News just blocked an unfriended John Bolton for crossing Trump on all social media and analog channels.

According to Vice: John Bolton’s old comrades from Fox & Friends have officially unfriended him.

“I’m not, today, recognizing the guy that I thought I knew,” primetime host and de facto Trump adviser Sean Hannity told viewers in his monologue Tuesday night. “I have a message for John Bolton tonight: You have something to say, John? Come here.” added in the headline of its lead story Wednesday morning, drawing directly from Trump’s tweets, “NASTY & UNTRUE BOOK.”

Tucker Carlson added, ““Republicans in Washington might seem shocked to discover that Bolton has turned and betrayed his former boss, Donald Trump, but they shouldn’t be shocked,” Carlson said. “That’s who John Bolton is. That’s who John Bolton has always been. That’s what John Bolton does. And not to brag, but we called it long ago.”

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