A Former Indiana Republican Lawmaker Is Obsessed with Mayor Pete and Gay Sex #NoHomo

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In a brazenly stunning, horrific, and homophobic rant, former Indiana state Rep. Don Boys recently posted an article titled “Pete, Since You Brought it Up, How ‘Gay’ Are You?” on his website Common Sense for Today.

Among Boys’ claims, “Pete Buttigieg would die in office if elected President because of HIV and his homosexual ‘perversion.'”

From Boys’ article:

Just because the mayor has desires for his “husband” does not mean he was created homosexual and because Pete reacts to that desire does not make him a homosexual.  It only means he is a stupid sinner, like all of us.  Practicing homosexuals are people who were born heterosexual and are rebelling against the God-ordained plan for his or her life.  Homosexual is simply a term given to heterosexuals who rebel against God’s plan for mankind.

Absent accidental birth defects, a person is born with male or female equipment and the use of such equipment is normal, obvious, and desirable under circumstances planned by a gracious God. To use that “equipment” wrongly (which is abnormal) is detrimental to the individuals involved and a threat to God’s plan for society.  However, sin-cursed mankind always seeks to get out of life what God never intended to be in it.  Disobedient men take the good and make it bad.

One does not have to react to every desire.  One may be naturally lazy but he still gets up each day and goes to work.  One has a natural and driving desire for chocolate but he doesn’t eat a dozen Snickers each day.  Even if an alcohol gene were found, it would not justify a person becoming a drunk.  Nothing and no one forces a man to slip between the sheets with another man and to do so is abnormal, aberrant, and abominable.

People change all the time so the counselors should not tell people they cannot change their sexual desires and practices.  Of course, they can change.  I know former practicing homosexuals who have changed and are living normal, happy, productive lives—with a houseful of children.  If homosexuals cannot change then there is no hope for the pedophile.  Moreover, if the pedophile is “born that way” and cannot change his behavior then how can prison be justified?


Metroweekly reports:

Boys then demands to see Buttigieg’s “complete medical records” to make sure the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, isn’t HIV-positive.

“About 20% of homosexual men are infected with HIV and about half of them do now know it,” Boys claims without citing any evidence. “Don’t voters have a right, even an obligation, to know a candidate’s health status since the candidate’s health is always an issue? Is a homosexual candidate an exception? If so, why?”

Boys then goes into graphic detail about gay sexual encounters, including how often gay people “ingest semen,” how many gay people participate in “golden showers,” the mechanics of fisting, and even claiming that gay people “use carrots, bottles, flashlights, (even gerbils!)” for anal insertion.

“It’s a level of detail and claimed research surprising for a man who finds such sex acts so heinous — though Boys apparently draws the line at rimming, which he calls “so disgusting that I won’t continue to explain it.”


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