Former Pro-Basketball Star DeMarco Majors Talks Coming Out #NationalComingOutDay

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Former pro basketball player DeMarco has a thing or two to say about  his coming out experience. Majors says, “it wasn’t me coming out. It was me simply inviting you in.”
It wasn’t about being Gay it was about accepting parts of myself where i had asked the hardest questions and me finally answering them and not me accepting false indoctrination that what’s in me is deserving of death.

It was me detaching myself from emotions that paralyzed and dominated my ability to prioritize my dreams, focus and transmute that energy into spaces that needed light.

It was me sharing the experiences I’ve had with other like minded people. Having a similar experience on this earth which let me know that I no longer had to suffer in silence!

Nor dehumanize myself to make other people comfortable around me while I continuously degrade myself because of the social conditioning. I once held high but got sick of the rules to conform and bend to a society that rather kill me for loving how I need in order to learn to love. 

A society that rather force me to hate myself no matter how much love I have put out into this world.

To experience the hope and foundation of the man I was created to be.

I didn’t come out I invited you in and you opened up and let me in by accepting what I shared and we moved forward in love and peace.

Those that didn’t I still wish you well.

I blessed you with my truth so don’t condemn me with your fear.