Flashback to Fanboys Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox’s Adult Marvel Team Up Parody as Deadpool & Spidey #ThrowbackThursday

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This Thursday’s throwback is to ColbyKnox productions’ Halloween 2019 parody release, The Heroes We Need—Bareback. Starring adult stars and boyfriends Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox, the co-owners of ColbyKnox productions, Heroes stars them as Spider-Man and Deadpool.

Above: Knox and Chambers. via Twitter

The duo love cosplay and have integrated that into a few other of their productions. The two men are clearly fanboys and do a great job improvising the kind of banter the two heroes are famous for, albeit with lascivious overtones, that elevates Heroes from the morass of terrible porn-parodies. Chambers resembles Spider-Man actor Tom Holland enough to project just the right amount of nerdy nervous sexiness that makes this a stand-out.

In 2016 the duo did a  Daredevil  parody and their personal relationship and chemistry made their 2017 Batman and Robin way hotter than any others on the market.

Colby and Knox love home improvements and kayaking.

Queer Me Now reviewed the special Marvel Team-Up saying, “[Don’t miss] this scene in  The Heroes We Need—Bareback. Colby plays Deadpool, while Mickey plays Spider-Man, who take turns interrogating ‘criminal suspect’ Ty Mitchell bareback.”

Watch it here (NSFW obvs).

From ColbyKnox’s site description: In this week’s special Halloween XXX release, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox suit up and assume the roles of Deadpool and Spider-Man!!! They tag team to deliver a punishing fuck to the one, and only, Ty Mitchell. Spider-Man walks in on Deadpool fucking the hell out of a naked Ty Mitchell. This hot action takes Spidey completely off guard. When Spider-Man questions his heroic partner, Deadpool answers he’s interrogating the sexy stud. A distraught Ty Mitchell exclaims he has not been asked a single question!!! Instead of rescuing the bound villain, Spider-Man decides it would be much more fun to join the action. Makes sense. Who wants to be a hero ALL the time? While watching Ty get a hardcore pounding, Spider-Man gets a nice, thick hard-on. He shoves his hard meat right into Ty Mitchell’s mouth as his partner fucks him from behind. Tired of playing second fiddle, Spider-Man moves Deadpool aside and takes a turn at fucking Ty’s hot, hungry hole; Deadpool takes the front end. After revealing his true identity as Mickey Knox, the heroes put Ty on his back and continue to ravage him. They all get more worked up as they fuck, and abuse, this lucky porn star villain. Everybody gets what they want, eventually shooting loads all over the warehouse (apparently it belongs to Bruce Wayne) The heroes escape, leaving Ty Mitchell in a compromised state.”

Above: Cover of Marvel Team-Up #1 (March 1972). Art by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia. WikiCommons.

Knox and Colby’s first foray into superhero parodies was 2016’s  Enter the Daredevil. Knox said of Daredevil at the time, “We see them in the movies, comic books, video games, but what are they really like? What makes them tick, what do they love, who do they love? What are they doing when they’re not out in the world keeping us safe. What would we do if we ever saw one? We take a rare glimpse into the world of a superhuman, and I think you’ll agree, we’re not so different after all.”

The quality of the parodies and the fact that they are bareback is unique for an independent studio whose main competition in the parody category is gay male category behemoth Men.com, but it’s the sincerity of the men’s relationship that adds to the voltage of their films.

Epic body paint is done by Taylor Reign.

Meanwhile another fan fave of theirs is the Superman parody called My Hero.  According to the company it’s still a hit among ColbyKnox fans. “Knox has had a life long crush on Superman. Little does he know that his dream and fantasies are about to cum true. As he’s working on his farm he notices his hero walking towards him. Superman played by Colby Chambers doesn’t take long to get down to business. This is a epic scene that you don’t want to miss.”
If you like the Adventures of Batman and Robin then you definitely don’t want to miss the epic three part parody series. These scenes feature Colby Chambers, Christian Bay, Mickey Knox, and Jack Hunter.
The Gay Comic Geek said of Adventures, “Who doesn’t love a good superhero porn? ColbyKnox is releasing a few scenes to celebrate Halloween with a Batman and Robin adventure. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox play villains who taunt the captured Boy Wonder, Robin, who is being played by Christian Jay. Check out my thoughts on the scene in this video:
And read his uncut NSFW review here.

Meanwhile, for some outtakes and one-on-one kinkiness, the boys have shipped a series of Spidey/Deadpool videos available on their Only Fans.

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