First Annual Butt-Con Is Coming to New York City

AIN’T THIS peachy? If you have a butt, Tushy wants your ass at the first annual Butt-Con

TUSHY, the millennial brand on a mission to make bidets mainstream in America, is proud to present the first-annual Butt-Con, an immersive, interactive convention where like-behinded individuals will gather to educate, gyrate and celebrate their greatest ass-et. Butt-Con will take place on Wednesday, August 21 from 5-10 p.m. in New York City

“Butts are simultaneously one of the most coveted sexual objects and our tool for dispensing the most socially-disgusting, but necessary, bodily function,” said Miki Agrawal, founder of TUSHY. “Yet talking about the rear is still taboo. When we consider the health issues, sky-high bathroom bills and environmental impact associated with the way we clean ourselves down there, it’s clear that we need to revolutionize the way we talk about butt health. Butt-Con will play a pivotal role in bringing the health of our backsides to the forefront of the conversation while still celebrating all the fun and beauty of butts.”

With captivating talks, uncommon experiences, classes and exhibits from world-renowned doctors, experts, celebrities and internet poo-sonalities, Butt-Con will cover everything from sex & pleasure to gut & butt health. Featured speakers and panels include:

  • America’s Obsession with Butts: From Adult Entertainment to the Mainstream, panel with Asa Akira, award-winning adult entertainer and Dr. Rita Linker, cosmetic butt surgeon
  • Prioritizing Gut Health for the Best Kind of Poops, fireside chat with Dr. Mark Hyman, #1 functional medicine doctor and 10x NY Times best-selling author, and Tracy Piper, colonist to the stars; moderated by comedians “Poop People”
  • You Put What in the Butt? Fetishes, Surgery & Beyond, sex panel with Alicia Sinclair, founder of sex toy brand b-Vibe and Dr. Evan Goldstein, rectal surgeon
  • Creating an Identity with Your Butt, cake sitting and panel with Lindsey Dye, renowned cake twerker and cam artist
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Butt Workouts, fitness panel with Mark Fisher, founder of Mark Fisher Fitness and Corinne Wainer, founder of Shaktibarre
  • Butt Health at Any Age, chat with Hatti Wiener, the “original cougar” who at 86 years old, only sleeps with men 25 or 45 years her junior, shares how to keep it “fresh and exciting down there
  • Making Millions From the Nether Regions, fireside chat with Layla Martin, “headmistress of pleasure”, and Miki Agrawal, founder of TUSHY

Beyond the talks, Butt-Con will host interactive experiences for all butts to enjoy, including a belfie photo booth, cake sitting, toilet museum, butt facials and butt massage station. In addition, attendees will be schooled with an anal sex workshop, twerking class and butt workout. Butt-Con will also bring together an exclusive selection of butt brands like TUSHY, b-VIBE, Pure for Men and Future Method, for guests to try, buy and win some of their favorite butt stuff.

Early-turd tickets are available online now for $10 and a VIP experience is available for $50, which guarantees early entry, front-row seating, a swag bag, and a drink ticket. General admission at the door will be $15. Buy tickets online now and learn more at


  • TUSHY Saves Your Ass: Give your butt the clean it deserves and say goodbye to hemorrhoids and UTIs. Wiping your but with toilet paper and wet wipes, contributes to 30 million annual cases of hemorrhoids, UTIs, yeast infections, anal fissures and anal itching.
  • TUSHY Saves Your Money: TUSHY only costs $69 vs. the average family that spends $500 on toilet paper every year. Bidet users consume 80% less toilet paper; use just a few sheets to pat dry.
  • TUSHY Saves Your Planet: The TUSHY bidet attachment requires just 1 pint of water per use. If 330 million Americans are pooping on average once a day, that’s 15 billion gallons of water per year. Meanwhile, it takes more than 400 billion gallons of water,  15 million trees and 250,000 tons of bleach to make the 10 billion pounds of toilet paper that Americans flush every year. 
  • TUSHY Gives Back: Each TUSHY bidet purchase help provide clean community toilets built by Samagra in India.

ABOUT PURE FOR MENPure for Men is the dietary fiber supplement that keeps you clean when it matters most. Pure for Men eliminates “embarrassing accidents” during playtime; there is nothing left behind to get in the way of an amazing experience. 

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