Dylan Geick Spent a Wholesome Day At Six Flags Despite ‘COVIDIOT Party’ Accusations

The weekend started with conflicting stories about Dylan Geick’s attendance at what Def Noodles Mix between The Soup and The Colbert Report, a satirical take on Internet news and commentary hosted by a cat in a Minecraft house —  called “NYE Covid super-spreader parties.”

On Saturday night Noodle said that “this time [the party is] at porn star’s Vance Randolph & Tristan Blane’s downtown LA apartment. One person taunted [him] saying “Yes sir keep tweeting me.”

This was followed by a tweet and video saying, “Its sad that Youtuber/army guy Dylan Geick and Tiktoker Zach Clayton, is also at a similar COVIDIOT party. I got this off Dylan’s insta story.”

It turned out it was a different party but that still didn’t spare Geick Twitter’s wrath, again using his Instagram story as ammunition. “So we’re gonna ignore the fact that dylan geick is at a party during the pandemic?”

To all the haters, Geick did attend a party, this at what appears to be a friend’s house to watch Saturday night’s welter weight boxing match-up between Ryan Garcia and Luke Campbell. Geick wrote, “Great fight.”


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Either way Geick was unfazed and isn’t even on Twitter so that by Sunday, the Columbia University wrestling star and marine was (wearing masks!) and hanging with singer and TikTok sensation Tayler Holder at Six Flags Over Texas, which shipped a thousand sails at the sheer gorgeousness of the two together. Oh to have someone romance me with “Love you doo doo head….” one day.

Geick rose to fame and garnered thousands of viewers and subscribers after his take on pride in Los Angeles in one of his videos from 2017, while wearing a Nike spoofed “Just Fook It” shirt and recognizably perfect quaffed hair. “When I was growing up, there wasn’t as much a diverse LGBT showing,” said Geick in the video. He criticized pride’s assumption that all gay men are feminine, but he supports the underlying message. “Pride gives off the message of the LGBT community as a whole, which is you can be whoever you want to be as long as you’re not hurting somebody else.”


He also loves that more men can be gay and not fit the stereotype that has been portrayed throughout the media for decades.

Geick’s masculinity, talent, and overall outspokenness, with the help of his imagery in the public eye, made the influencer shatter a glass ceiling of stereotypes with something the world had not seen before.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Geick began to date the TikTok influencer known only as Okjohnnyboy. The two are not as public as Geick was with his previous boyfriend Jackson Krecioch. Many rumors surfaced throughout social media about Geick’s secret past and possible motives for obtaining substantial amounts of money. The influencer began posting less and less on his platforms until his announcement that he would be joining the military.


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