Everyone Should Be Terrified: Military Robot Manufacturer Ghost Robotics Unveils Robot Security Dogs With Artillery

It’s an image that should send a chill down the spine of every American citizen. Military contracted robotics manufacturer Ghost Robotics has unveiled a version of their popular robot security dogs equipped with sniper rifles.

Futurism: For years, we’ve been warning that it was only a matter of time — and now, the inevitable has happened. Somebody strapped an honest-to-god sniper rifle to the back of a quadrupedal robot dog. An image shared on Twitter by military robot maker Ghost Robotics shows the terrifying contraption in all its dystopian glory. “Keeping our [special ops] teams armed with the latest lethality innovation,” the caption reads.

“This is sad,” one Twitter user commented. “In what world is this a good idea? I bet police is salivating at the chance to use these.”

There’s a lot we don’t know about the machine, but according to an Instagram post by Sword International, a gun manufacturer, the machine is called the SPUR or Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle.

We don’t know what level of autonomy the robot has or if it was designed to be fully remotely operated. We also don’t know who the machine was developed for.

The four-legged robot is lugging a sniper capable of shooting 6.5 millimeter Creedmoor cartridges, a rifle ammunition, which was developed with long-range target shooting in mind.

It’s a troubling new development. Any new robot built with the intent to kill should have us worried.