Entertainment Weekly Commemorates 50 Years of Pride

Star Trek: Discovery‘s Wilson Cruz, who graces one one of the variant covers of this particular issue, wrote on Facebook, “This one goes out to every young LGBTQ kid out there, who has any doubt, whatsoever, that because of who they are or how they LOVE, they can achieve their dreams. ¡Si se PUEDE, mi amor! ¡Si se PUEDE!”

Thank you @entertainmentweekly for the honor of gracing your #PRIDE issue in this historic year along with these #HEROES Janet Mock, Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper, Melissa Etheridge, and Ruby Rose…

6 celebrity LGBTQ trailblazers on growing up, coming out, and living proud in Hollywood. A raw and honest roundtable discussion with Anderson Cooper, Wilson Cruz, Melissa Etheridge, Neil Patrick Harris, Janet Mock, and Ruby Rose

All of them heroes in the spirit of the words of #JamesBaldwin
“The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came.”

“So here’s your seat at the table with: Etheridge, 58; CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, 52; Star Trek: Discovery’s Wilson Cruz, 45, who made history when he played Rickie on My So-Called LifeHow I Met Your Mother actor Neil Patrick Harris, 45; transgender activist and director Janet Mock, 36; and Ruby Rose, 33, who will star as Batwoman, the first openly gay superhero to headline a TV series, this fall.”

Happy #PRIDE to you ALL!

Here’s the link to the amazing panel discussion we had with my friend Patrick Gomez, from Entertainment Weekly!

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