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Dominic Albano Drips with Beauty

Dominic Adriano Albano is an American actor and model from upstate New York. Dominic got his start in entertainment while working as a personal trainer, eventually getting scouted to act and starring in underground films. Shortly after being “discovered” he  moved to New York City where he worked as a model, posing for some of today’s hottest  photographers. Albano’s face can be seen currently on a billboard in Times Square for an ‘I LOVE NY’ type store, where he is seen posing in various t-shirts. Others include Everlast Boxing Gloves, SoloNY luxury bags, and Skyn condoms.

While he enjoys the opportunities afforded to him as a full time actor and model, Albano’s passion is creating films. Albano is inspired by directors like Andy Warhol, John Derek, James Bidgood, and others of the 1960s – 1970s independent world. 

Because of the eroticism of Albano’s work, he has achieved internet fame, gracing magazines, internet blogs and websites praising his work. He has also recieved some controversy from the creative boundaries he chooses, and intentionally, creates. Dominic’s first self funded and produced film, titled Mason, was  shot on a $6,000 budget in upstate New York.

Albano spoke to to us about the thrill of exploring sexuality and fantasy, while fighting against stigma, censorship and keeping conversations about these topics honest, open, and real.

Why did Instagram start taking down your photos? To be fair, all social media has been taking my photos down (and everyone else’s for that matter). I think censorship has gotten worse and is going to get worse. What used to be acceptable for social media is no longer. Because of this, I decided to bring my work to OnlyFans. It’s a subscription based social media platform where anything goes … for now.

I seem to recall you once saying that you weren’t interested in doing nudes? When did that change? I was never disinterested, I was afraid of repercussions for booking work in the mainstream, commercial world of entertainment. I started working with Rick Day who basically got me naked, artistically, and I realized that nudity isn’t a negative thing, it can really nice rather. The photos got a lot of visibility and it opened up new opportunities for me.

Social media has been disproportionately censoring LGBT content, why do you think that is? I don’t know if they target LGBT necessarily. I don’t think they discriminate. It’s everyone. I think that social media is becoming more commercialized and has become a big part of our culture. People are on social media much younger now and advertising on social media is only getting bigger. I think that definitely has something to do with it; keeping it family friendly and safe for everyone. The problem is that it‘s not safe for artists.

Why do you say there is stigma associated with the OnlyFans platform? A lot of adult actors are on OnlyFans making their own content. Good for them. They are business savvy innovators. OnlyFans isn’t just about pornography and yet there is this assumption when you tell people you’re on there, they’ll be like, “oh, you’re on OnlyFans now”? They have some stupid look on their face. It’s really a gross assumption, because what I’m doing is not what they’re implying. We all watch porn, and even though I’m not making adult content, it’s still pretty stupid that people carry judgement with just the name, ‘OnlyFans’.

Why did you go there for your new movie DripI’ve been in pre-production for a new art film called Drip since August. It’s about sexual fantasies and desire and longing. It’s a short art film, more about mood and color and light than real acting. It’s inspired by the great underground film icons of the 60’s and 70’s. We decided to use OnlyFans as a platform to host some of the scenes, extended footage that may not end up in the final cut, behind the scenes photos and videos. It’s like a mini streaming service just for my films. I like it because I can write to everyone, post photos and videos and interact. I think it’s a great platform to share my uncensored work without restriction and fear of getting into any trouble. People can choose to watch, instead of it popping up somewhere and being forced to watch.

Drip is a short, erotic art film about fantasy, using water as symbolism for pre-cum. The inspirations for the film are the likes of underground film sensations, such as Andy Warhol (Joe Dallesandro), John Derek (Fantasies, Bolero, Tarzan the Apeman), James Bidgood (Pink Narcissus).

The film is set up to be shot like a photograph or a fantasy. Drip more is about mood, light, color as opposed to any real acting. Some other references are Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber photographs. The music video Cherish by Madonna, shot by Herb Ritts is also an example of how a photographer shoots video in the form of a photograph.


Drip was written, produced and starring Albano. Albano is currently casting. Check out his only fans site here.


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