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DC Lets Fans Decide if Jason Todd Lives or Dies—Again

Geez, poor Jason Todd can’t catch a break in any universe apparently. When we last saw him, he appeared to be plunging to his death after being kidnapped by Deathstroke.

Since the character famously dies in the comics, we thought that was it. But his fate is going to be determined by an online poll, not unlike the 900 number that appeared on the inside cover of 1998’s Batman #428.

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Comics Beat said ” {The poll} ended with a 900-number call-in vote system, and over 10,000 reader participants who ultimately voted by a narrow margin to kill the boy wonder. The story, and the manner in which it was executed, were instantly controversial, making national headlines and capturing the interest of non-comic readers who knew Robin best as Burt Ward’s “Holy _____”-spouting do-gooder.”

Jason Todd’s death has loomed large in the mythos of the Dark Knight ever since, even after the character’s return to life in 2005. The call-in vote to determine whether Jason lived or died has been parodied and pilloried numerous times, and never repeated. But what sequence of events led to the killing of a boy wonder? Utilizing dozens of new and existing interviews with nearly every creator who worked on the character, The Beat presents an oral history of the second Robin, Jason Todd, from creation to “A Death in the Family.”

Vote whether Jason lives or dies at  this link 



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