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FROZEN After the huge snow storm Monday and Tuesday, Manhattan looks like a movie set.

HIGH SCORE Are ya winning, son? (Bludwing aka @Bludwingart)

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ICON Actor Christopher Plummer has died. Plummer, who appeared in movies like The Sound of Music and Knives Out, was 91. The Emmy, Tony, and Oscar wins make Plummer the only Canadian ever to win the “Triple Crown of Acting.” He also earned a Grammy nomination in 1986, bringing him close to the “EGOT” — a concept popularized by 30 Rock for the very small number of performers who have won all four of those trophies (ComicBook.com). “Chris was an extraordinary man who deeply loved and respected his profession with great old fashion manners, self deprecating humor and the music of words,” said Lou Pitt, Plummer’s longtime friend and manager (via Deadline). “He was a National Treasure who deeply relished his Canadian roots. Through his art and humanity, he touched all of our hearts and his legendary life will endure for all generations to come. He will forever be with us.”

For many of us he was best known as the verbose General Chang in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (below).

ART Golden Age Batman, by Jerry Ordway via Reddit.

UP is Cardi B’s newest video since W.A.P.

BIG BIRD TWEETS about his various bird cousins from around the world in this vastly entertaining Twitter thread:

I heard my friends on Twitter were asking about my cousins around the world! It’s true, I have a lot of bird cousins in different countries. Here’s a little bit about them:

THE GOLDEN AGE returns to DC Comics with the Justice Society: World War II. The newest entry into the DC Universe Movie series, finds, the Flash speeding into the middle of an epic battle between Golden Age DC Super Heroes and Nazis. Meet the legends: Led by Wonder Woman, the group includes Hourman, Black Canary, Hawkman, Steve Trevor, and the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick.

Stream it on April 27, 2021 & own it in 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray combo pack & Blu-Ray on May 11, 2021.

FRIDAY kisses.

BLACK HISTORY’S GAMING INNOVATOR When at-home video game consoles were first introduced, they had one game apiece wired into the actual hardware. Then, engineer Jerry Lawson invented a console with interchangeable gaming cartridges. It was called the Channel F and it was released in 1976. Unfortunately, Lawson and the Channel F have largely been forgotten, until recently. The 2020 Netflix docuseries High Score features Lawson’s family talking about their father’s legacy and how the Channel F changed gaming forever. In the industry, Lawson is often referred to as the father of modern gaming; however, the vast majority of the population has no idea just how integral he was in the way games are played today (via CBR).

In January, former Nintendo of America President and current New York Videogame Critics Circle Board Member Reggie Fils-Aimé announced on Twitter that Lawson will receive an Andrew Yoon Legend Award, which Fils-Aimé received himself in 2020.

“Without the brilliance of Mr. Lawson  (photo below) and his cartridge innovations, we would not have had any of the great consoles we’ve had during these 60 years of storied game history,” said Fils-Aimé said in a statement. “Not the Atari consoles, not the Sega consoles, not even the Nintendo Switch, which still uses a cartridge-inspired card.”

PILLOW FIGHT According to NBC News: David Hogg plans to launch his own pillow company with the goal of competing against embattled bedding company MyPillow. The idea was posed to Hogg, 20, in a tweet from entrepreneur William LeGate on Thursday that questioned whether the duo should start a pillow company to “put MyPillow out of business.”

“Mike the ‘my pillow guy’ … This pillow fight just got very real,” Hogg tweeted on Thursday.

The CEO and founder of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump and has repeatedly promoted false claims of fraud about the 2020 presidential election.

LeGate also tweeted about the venture, asking any US-based manufacturers with experience making pillows to reach out to him.

WORKING OUT is easier with a friend.

FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE with the Sunday sinner via imgur.

FUNNY BUSINESS Read Fran Lebowitz’s one star amazon reviews over at The New Yorker like this one: Dry Shampoo (Pantene), No.

Watch Lebowitz in Pretend It’s A City on Netflix. Directed by Academy Award Winner Martin Scorsese, Fran Lebowitz has Opinions on Everything. Apologies for No One.

UNFOLLOW THE RULES Singer songwriter Rufus Wainwright, nominated for a GRAMMY® Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for his album Unfollow The Rules this year, announced Zach Galifianakis and James Corden as this month’s guests for his micro-audience at his acclaimed  Rufus-Retro-Wainwright-Spective! 2021, the virtual live-stream tour through all 9 of his studio albums. The tour has seen Wainwright perform his acclaimed albums in chronological order, one album side per date.  Tickets for individual shows are $20.00 in advance and $25.00 day of show, and 4 show bundles are also available. Bundles come with the opportunity for fans to participate in intimate Q&A’s with Wainwright and other surprises. Go here to purchase tickets.


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Galifianakis will be the guest for the two performances Out of The Game (February 5 and 12) with Corden joining for Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets and a special Rufus at the Movies show.

Past guests have included Jamie Lee Curtis and husband Christopher Guest, Joel McHale, Darren Criss, Marius de Vries, Rain Phoenix and Scott Dunn. More guests will be announced for the remaining shows. The live streams also help raise money for charities with the virtual audience donating to a cause chosen by the at-home guest during the shows.

Zach Galifianakis has selected Poor People’s Campaign for his charity and James Corden has chosen Broadway Cares. Says Wainwright: “I was reluctant at first to take a look at my entire catalogue and start this retrospective but it has truly been an incredibly gratifying and enlightening experience for me and hopefully also my fans. So many songs I have not performed live in decades as I do not play them solo and thought they would need the lush accompaniment of a large band but with Brian Green and Jacob Mann on guitar and piano, I discovered new sides to my old material and felt that they really work also in a much more stripped down version. I am so excited to be playing some of my songs for Zach and James, both of whom I have known and admired for a very long time. Normally when doing a show I have to do all the talking in between songs so it is nice to actually have a chat with someone you like and probably will make you crack up quite a bit. Apart from revisiting my entire catalogue, I have used this pause that this pandemic has put on touring also to write a lot of new material and start working on new projects from film to musical to TV and classical works.”

CHECKLIST for nut jobs.

OUR GRINDR gears to a halt for what we hope is a hoax!


FEELING PRETTY Dylan Geick looks great in make-up.


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COMEDY GOLD  Watch this hysterical mock interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene and the White House’s Human Resources department. “Will thug #marjorie lose her job today? One thing is for sure, she smells like bin fire, cigarettes, sweat, and filler. 😂 #whitehousehr #comedy#tbd #marjorietaylorgreene”


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FRENCH CONNECTION The Independent reported earlier this week: French police shut down a warehouse orgy with at least 81 participants on the outskirts of Paris because it breached coronavirus regulations. Locals alerted police to a party taking place in Collegien, around 20 miles from the centre of Paris, on Friday night.

Photo by Charleen Vesin @cha29 on Unsplash.

It is the latest story involving a European orgy breaking lockdown rules to emerge in the past few weeks. In December,. Belgian police broke up a 52 person orgy in a house close to a Covid clinic. This came just after a far right Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer resigned after taking part in a Brussels sex party.

WANDAVISION  A tiny moment radically changes the Cinematic Universe rules…


Elizabeth Olsen teased that, yes, they could. Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch would brush against the MCU and the crossover sparks would fly. What no one realized is that the Marvel cameo was happening this week on episode 5, “On a Very Special Episode…,” or that the nature of the cameo itself went beyond the Marvel Cinematic Universe as fans knew it.

In the episode’s final scene, we see something even creepier: The return of Quicksilver. But not the Quicksilver who died fighting in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Standing at the door is not Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the actor who originally played the character back in Age of Ultron. Instead, it’s Evan Peters, who played the character in X-Men: Days of Future Past and Apocalypse. Things are getting weird on WandaVision thanks to the magic of corporate synergy (via Polygon).

If he is actually Quicksilver from the X-Men movie continuity, it might have major implications for what Feige hopes to do with the MCU in the future. It’s been clear since the Marvel CEO announced a slate of Phase 4 movies at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con that WandaVision would directly affect the MCU and tie in to the upcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. And the future, an explanation for all of these properties co-existing under the same banner, is right there in the title: multiverseDC has it. Marvel has it. And as Tom Holland’s upcoming Spider-Man 3 casts up old villains from the Sam Raimi days (and even possibly former Peter Parkers Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield), Marvel appears to be one-upping its Avengers ambition by folding in every side of its known comic book universe in order to create the ultimate nostalgia vehicle. Into the Spider-verse was a huge success, so why not?

MEANWHILE WandaVision was true to the source material, with Wanda’s reconstruction of the Vision straight outta John Byrne’s comic panels.


FLASHBACK FRIDAY to Peter’s as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past (below).


FAN MADE New art! Mix = Wanda Comics + Wanda MCU! (via Reddit)




FASHION Whaddaya think of the 2021 Men’s fashion looks from the shows?

Anyone else vibing with 2021 Men’s fashion? /s from r/teenagers

DRINKS WITH FRIENDS Are small victories these days. “A couple of vermouths and home. 🥃🥃”


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NIGHTWING artist Bruno Redondo sits down with Duy Tano for an interview about the upcoming Nightwing series written by Tom Taylor. How does Redondo approach Dick Grayson and Bludhaven? What about Batgirl/Barbara Gordon? What’s it like working with Tom Taylor? And what’s it like in the Twitter age to be drawing Nightwing’s butt?

SEXY SNEAKER HEAD “Read my socks and you now what will happen! 😎”