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Connor Malbeuf’s been in LA for less than a year. He does some Billy Eichner man on the street stuff, but just a bit nicer. He’s Canadian. He went to Boston for grad school. Then moved to L.A. He’s doing standup, improv, man on the street and hosting. He’s a really sweet guy, and we think he’s going to do really well.

He has a recurring bit where he impersonates Shawn Mendes, like recreating the Calvin Klein ads (see below).

And he looks good in a speedo.

GayNrd to spoke to Malbeuf.

Gaynrd: Who are your fave comedians? Malbeuf:

My favorite comedian forever and always will be Joan Rivers. She never took no for an answer, had bold opinions, and paved her way in a scene that did not accept her-something gays in this industry understand. I admire those who speak up despite what is socially acceptable. I will always respect those who keep their eyes ahead and do not look left or right.

Other comedic influences are Stephen Colbert, John Pinette, Samantha Bee, and Chelsea Handler. They all had a statement to make — something that I am really trying to focus on while my comedy grows. I don’t want to just be this young, gay guy on stage. I want to speak for something. Spark a conversation when you leave, but also make you shit your pants from laughter.

Who was your biggest influence? I grew up watching SNL in my basement late at night when everyone else went to sleep. I would take notes on Kristin Wiig’s iconic sketches and try to emulate them the next day for my family and friends. They thought I was a freak. But Kristin made it okay to be a freak. She was weird, wacky, and created characters that no one had ever seen before. I was always this really weird kid who made whale sounds and did characters in my head. She was definitely a huge influence to my delivery and being comfortable with my comedy.

Have you ever encountered any hostility or homophobia at a show? Is it harder breaking into stand up if you’re gay? I would not say I have received any blatant homophobia, but definitely, some underlying differences that straight guys do not have to deal with. I’ve done a lot of open mics where I was the only gay guy in the whole room. You feel different and get the vibe that sometimes you are not meant to be there. It is still a very straight dude business. I also believe that the more flamboyant you are, the more you push people away in the comedy scene. But, that is changing. Thankfully.

Name five gay comics off the top of your head. It’s tough, isn’t it? It’s difficult to be respected and grow a camaraderie with other comics. Especially being young and gay. The more gay comics that enter the business and succeed, the better. I believe that the LGBTQ+ comedy scene should be embracing each other, instead of pitting ourselves against one another. Since there are so few successful gay comedians, people seem to have their guards up at all times.

What do you have coming up? Opening for Nikki Glaser definitely helped kickstart some more opportunities. I am so thankful for her. As a comedian that I have respected for so long, it was a truly unreal experience. I have a lot more shows booked, with some at The Laugh Factory here in Hollywood. I also have a headlining show on November 8th at Flutter in Los Angeles. It will be my first time doing 30-minutes. I’m shitting my pants thinking about it. But I love a good challenge and need to push myself to be the best comedian I can.

What would be your dream project? You mean, other than a Netflix comedy special? A Hulu special.

In all seriousness, I would love to be a correspondent on a late-night show. I love what Samantha Bee on Full Frontal is doing with her show. Send me to a Trump rally in Michigan or a red carpet in Hollywood. If there is anything I feel passionate about, it is talking to everyone and trying to understand their side of the story. While also making fun of them. It’s the best.

Being an immigrant, gay, and a millennial, I have a lot to say. Trust me.

WATCH: What Type Of Gay Am I? – Connor Malbeuf – Stand Up (Opening For Nikki Glaser):

WATCH: I Played A Black Comedy Show – Connor Malbeuf – Stand Up (Opening For Nikki Glaser): 

WATCH: Connor Malbeuf – Stand Up – Opening For Nikki Glaser (FULL SHOW):

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