Rising Superstar Chri$tian Gate$ Connects with ‘Kill My Ex’—WATCH

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Christian Gates, popularly known as Itsluxcity, is an artist and TikTok personality from Orange County, California. The star released his first music album, arranged by producer Elation, in 2019.

His hair is light but his lyrics skews dark.

Since stepping onto the musical stage with his first song “Skitzo” in 2019, Gates’ career has been unlike anything you’ve heard before.

The 18-year-old California-based musical artist and TikTok sensation is redefining what it means to be a pop star.

Known for writing and performing emotional music that masterfully blends deep, raw lyricism with viral melodies that stay on repeat. His first album was created in 2019 with EDM producer and pioneer of the Future Bass genre, Elation. With awe-inspiring focus, the two spent an uninterrupted week creating hit after hit.

Gate’s talents tipped the scales when he hit TikTok and his reach skyrocketed.

His first video, posted on June 23, 2020, garnered over 1 million views.

@itsluxcityShould I go into more detail? ##billeelish ##badguy ##music ##flstudio♬ original sound – Chri$tian Gate$

His latest single “NUMB” got him on the cover of Spotify’s kaleidoscope and tear drop playlists and has over 30M global streams to date since its release in June.

@itsluxcityYou helped NUMB reach 2 million plays in a week. Thank you so much!!!!♬ Chri$tian Gate$ – NUMB – Chri$tian Gate$

Teen Blurb called him “the world’s most thrilling and underrated new musical artists.”


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Business Blurb cited him in their “10 music artists that are blowing up in 2020.”


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Gates began performing at myriad venues and exclusive parties from San Diego to Los Angeles.


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With 3 million TikTok followers and 37 million likes, nearly 2 million fans stream his songs on Spotify every month.

In under a year, the teen has already captured millions of fans with a career trajectory that is truly once in a lifetime.

And he’s just getting started.

Gates connects once again with his devoted audience of millions through the release of his new single, “KILL MY X” and its’ accompanying video, directed by Danny Farber.

The hot new track follows the +50 million streaming success of his last release “NUMB” and furthers his growing appeal to massive audiences that share the pain, irony, humor and frustration of failed relationships. Of the record and its edgy and comedic video, Gates shares,  “The music video was written from the reverse perspective of the song and it debuts the psychological turmoil that can be caused by being in love with somebody and having that love end. It showcases my co-star’s downfall and reliving her memories while trying to figure out what is going on and how to get past the break up.”