Check Out the Cool New Queer Gay Bar of the Future

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Northampton, Massachusetts is one of the best college towns in the world and now it has a new gay bar that is as hip as this academic enclave in the Berkshires.

According to The Daily Hampshire Gazette, “In September, the Majestic Saloon, which opened as a craft beer and wine bar last year, became a “fully popped queer bar, lounge and occasional club,” as the new owners wrote in their “big gay announcement” on the bar’s Instagram account, majesticnoho.”

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WE’RE COMING OUT! We are very excited to share that, starting September 1, The Majestic Saloon will be transitioning into a FULLY POPPED QUEER BAR, LOUNGE, AND OCCASIONAL CLUB. We’ll be Q/T owned and operated, seven nights a week. It was your continued support of our weekly Queer Nights that made this possible, so this space is for all of you. Think weeknight poetry readings, free afternoon co-working hours, and astrology-themed dance parties. Think delicious, locally sourced and handmade tacos ‘til 3am (!!) on the weekends. Think everything you want your Northampton queer bar to be and do, then come tell us and we’ll try our best to make it happen. Our big gay re-launch weekend will be FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 13 and SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14 (Friday TBA and Saturday Queer Punk Drag Night IV), but we’ll be here with our new Victorian couches starting the first of September. This account will become majesticnoho in 24 hours, and stay tuned for the roll-out of our calendar of events. WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU HERE XXXOXOXOXOXOX SIGNED, AILBHE, BROCK, SAMSON, AND SARAH ((MANAGEMENT))

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“Northampton has this lore of being this mecca of queerness, and then there wasn’t a queer bar here for the past five years or so,” said Parent.

“It became very clear to us that there was a demand for queer programming in this town,” said White.

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