Cazwell, Trace Lysette & Chanel Jolé’s ‘Taser in my Telfar Bag’ Is the Self Defense Anthem for Trans Folks: WATCH

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As pandemic year comes to a close, we are reckoning with many harsh truths in our society, especially when it comes to Trans lives and protecting Trans people.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, which tracks hate crimes and violence against the LGBTQ+ community, in 2021 alone we are seeing 42 reported violent killings of Trans people.

In 2020 the HRC reported 45 Trans or gender non-conforming individuals were shot or killed in violent attacks, with the majority of them being Black or Latinx Trans women.

That same year in 2020, we witnessed the viral attack against Eden the Doll, Jaslene White Rose and Joslyn Flawless in Holywood, which triggered rapper/producer Cazwell to put the emotions of these events into the song “Taser in my Telfar Bag.”

Featured on the song is actress/recording artist/activist Trace Lysette and recording artist Chanel Jolé. With the iconic imagery for the cover art being the pink Telfar branded taser, the track starts off with the zap of the taser before Trace and Chanel go into their verses about all the ways they’ve felt forced to protect themselves while being Trans in public.

Given that Trans Day of Remembrance is happening on November 20, 2021, the timing of this track really drives the point home that we need to do better to protect all Trans/NB/Gender Non-Cornforming individuals. For more detailed information on this important day from GLAAD please click HERE.

Produced and co-written by Cazwell, the single is out on his indie label SNOWCONE NYC. Inspired by the awful events that led to the attack of the previously mentioned three Trans women in Hollywood, Cazwell said, “I saw someone on Twitter say they kept a taser in their Telfar bag, and it just kind of clicked. That along with the need to protect Trans women while shouting out an ally like Telfar made the song feel current and relevant.” He added, “I wanted Trace and Chanel to tell their story about the need for protection for Trans women, their input led to the music video being shot on a Sunday afternoon after they mentioned they feel the most unsafe during the day.”

Trace says this about the song, “Walking down the street while Trans comes with a lot. Safety is always an issue. When Cazwell asked me to write a verse, and I heard there was another Trans rapper on it too, I was all in.”

Chanel added, “Personally, I’ve been the victim of many hate crimes so this is more than just a song for me, this is a statement to all those weirdos who not only hurt Trans women but all women.”

With the release of the single, Cazwell is hoping to inspire and compel listeners to donate to the Trans Defense Fund LA, a mutual aid group created in response to the disproportionate violence that Trans women face and also supplies Trans people with protective safety kits. As an incentive, Cazwell will be rewarding donors with a free remix of TMTB with proof of donation.

“Taser in my Telfar Bag” dropped Friday on all digital music streaming platforms along with the accompanying music video.


Cazwell is an American singer, rapper, producer and DJ. A native of Boston, Cazwell began his career in New York City, stamping himself out as an icon in the underground nightlife scene of the East Village. After releasing his debut single, “Ice Cream Truck” (5M views), the song became an instant global hit and solidified Cazwell’s signature sound. Following the success of “Ice Cream Truck”, Cazwell went on to release “Loose Wrists” (1.4M views) and “All Over Your Face” (759K views), which became club smashes. Cazwell’s own full length album “Hard 2 B Fresh “ landed in the Top 5 Dance charts, earning himself five top charting singles. In addition to his own music, Cazwell has worked with the biggest stars including Lady Gaga, Amanda Lepore, Adam Lambert, EDM artist Luciana, and S4 Drag Race All Stars Winner Kylie Sonique Love among others. Cazwell is currently based in LA. For more information on Cazwell, log on to


Trace Lysette is an actress, recording artist and activist best known for her recurring role as Shea on all five seasons of Amazon’s critically acclaimed series TRANSPARENT, and alongside Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Constance Wu in HUSTLERS. She hit the music scene earlier this year with her debut single SMB (“Self Made Bitch”), which is also showcased in the feature film VENUS AS A BOY currently available on Amazon.


A native of Southern California, Chanel has been rapping since the age of 14. In 2020, Chanel released her mixtape “Lover Boy”. Chanel has also released “Damn I Look Good” with Cazwell, “Bomb Pussy”, “Do it On the Tip”, and “Come 2 Me”. Up next, Chanel can be seen in the upcoming feature film, “Daughters of Dolemite” with Torrei Hart and will be starring in the series “Living Your Truth” on Roku TV. Stay up to date with Chanel’s music on SoundcloudSpotify and Apple Music. You can also keep up with Chanel on Twitter.