Can Nightwing Save Titans?

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Why did the creative team behind Titans drag out the Nightwing reveal until the Season 2 finale?

This is at the top of most fans’ questions/criticisms of the DCU streaming flagship show. It’s not as though it was a secret.

CBR underscored this point saying: “Dick’s path to his new alter-ego felt pretentious, redundant and, by the time Nightwing debuted, boring. Dick should have made the transition immediately after he burned his Robin costume last season. So to see him scowling and brooding for an entire 13 episodes over what fashion choice to make was pretty senseless.”

Above: Actor Brenton Thwaites as Robin.

The debut of Nightwing and the sudden lighter notes suggests it heralds a marked shift in the show’s tone recognizing the investment of die hard fans, whose obsession with the fictional characters’ minutia has often offset a penchant for heavy handed expository dialogue that is maddening to listen to (even for this fan), yet it still drives much of the broader appeal of the Greg Berlanti-TV—DCVerse.

Above: Thwaites in between scenes on the set of Titans in Toronto.

But where do they go from here?

As far as Donna’s death is concerned, one Reddit user summed it up perfectly, “Imagine surviving a fight against Deathstroke and Superboy within the same hour and then dying due to faulty wiring and poor architecture.”

The Mary Sue said, “The death of Donna Troy was hard to watch. Not only did she die saving Dawn, a character that has struggled to have a purpose all season (and who could have easily moved out of the damn way—pivot, girl), but it came out of nowhere, and multiple characters like Raven and Connor could have helped, so she didn’t need to die.”

It was a pointless end to a character who is basically a younger version of Wonder Woman, getting electrocuted to death (whut 1) when she could have easily just thrown the object somewhere else—or, again, literally Connor could have just come and helped.

However, the other day, a clip was shared featuring Conor Leslie, who plays Donna Troy, and hints at something coming for season three:

Leslie says that the storyline of the character has “yet to be explored” and mentions the code name that Donna takes later in the comics, “Troia,” which hints that there is possibly more to come for Donna, even though she “died” at the end of the season. They already set up the possibility that Raven (Teagan Croft) will be able to bring the Amazon back to life.

Meanwhile a little over a week later, in the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, Diana is seen actually catching (and apparently hitching a ride) on a goddamn bolt of lightning.

CLIP: The only thing I’m gonna watch on record till that trailer drops in tomorrow. from r/DC_Cinematic

The ending saw the arrival of Komand’r on Earth, out to destroy both her sister Starfire and the original reason the Tamaranean royalty came here in the first place: assassinate Rachel Roth aka Raven.

Let’s see how this plays out.

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