Cadbury Creates Steamy Gay Creme Egg Spot For Easter

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Cadbury, the British chocolatier and maker of their internationally famous Creme Eggs, dropped a risqué gay TV advertisement for the United Kingdom market.

The new ad was released for the Creme Egg’s 50th anniversary. The ad has been noticed for featuring a gay couple kissing over a chocolate egg. In the spot, a gay couple, real life boyfriends Callum Sterling and Dale K Moran lean into each other as they take a bite of either end of the chocolate egg. A voiceover says: “Sharers? Yeah, we are down with that.”

The advertisement is meant to celebrate “five delicious decades” of the different ways the Creme Egg can be eaten, from its use in baking to the debate between licking or biting.

All of the other categories just show one person alone, which means that the gay couple isn’t included as one of many couples but is the only couple at all in the ad.

Cue the faux outrage on Twitter where of course it’s “controversial” although this tweet may have been unintentionally funny: Kids, they love a cream egg, Its sweet and yummy yolk They’re chocolatey and gorgeous For any kind of folk. Cadbury has a cream egg A centre you can poke So why go spoil all the fun By making adverts woke?!?!

“Calling all eggs-ibitionists!” the announcer bellows. “Let the eat-tainment begin!”

Watch it below.