Buttigieg Plans to Beat Trump by Starkly Contrasting their Faith and Military Experience: WATCH

“I’m ready to take on Donald Trump because when we get to the tough talk, and the chest-thumping, he’s going to have to stand next to an American war veteran and explain how he pretended bone spurs made him ineligible to serve.”

Axios says, “Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg painted a strong contrast between himself and President Trump on the debate stage, and how he’d be able to take on Trump during a general election.”


CNN agreed and added: “On trade deals, Buttigieg reminded the Midwestern voters that the pie was not getting to the people where he lived. He was clearer and more focused with his health care plan than he has been in previous debates, spelling out two moves — negotiating prescription drug prices and rolling back President Trump’s tax cuts. To close the theme, Buttigieg, the former two-term mayor of South Bend, Indiana, reminded us that the burden of spending taxpayer dollars always requires a choice and he chose wisely by arguing against free college for the wealthy. Finally, Buttigieg crushed it in a flurry of fantastic arguments toward the end, acing the final question about electability. Buttigieg confidently stated that Trump can’t stand next to a war vet and explain his bone spurs excuse — and that Trump and Republicans can’t use Christianity to recruit voters because Buttigieg’s faith is also strong.”

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