Buttigieg Tells Democrats that the Election is About ‘Higher Values’ at Annual North Dakota Governor’s Dinner

Since Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the race, we have often seen his virtual/remote appearances, but there are fewer news or analysis stories about those appearances, naturally enough. So his appearance at the North Dakota Governor’s Dinner a week was a welcome change of pace.  The story adds a lot of red-state Democratic context and background as well as bringing together his comments with those of former Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who spoke, too. Buttigieg told Democrats at the private fundraiser held virtually through Zoom that this election was about “a sense of calling to higher values.”

According to Inforum: He said his values and those of many Democrats he stands with center around the security of the nation as it relates to global health, climate, cyber attacks, elections, democracy and equality. Heitkamp and Buttigieg said “better leadership was needed” amid the anguish of this week with the nation reaching 100,000 deaths because of COVID-19 and the death of a black man at the hands of police in Minneapolis that they said President Donald Trump turned into a talking point about himself.

Buttigieg urged party members to volunteer for phone banks and find other ways to help candidates from their homes during the quarantine and self isolation. The upcoming election is “a once in a lifetime chance to build a better, stronger, kinder country,” he said.

Buttigieg  has been working with a political action committee and nonprofit group called Win the Era to elect like-minded candidates “up and down the ballot,” he said, from county supervisors to U.S. senators.

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