Broscience Creator Strikes Back at Conservative Christian Critics with More Sex: WATCH

Broscience creator Bryan Hawn

Broscience creator and star, Bryan Hawn, told Gaynrd that constant attacks and trolls forced him to make his irreverently #NoHomo video channel poking fun at gay stereotypes private, or lose his YouTube channel for violating community standards.

When you have to give your #bro CPR. #NoHomo

“I had a lot of religious people harassing my content, so I decided to make it paid, so people will have to willingly choose to watch it,” Hawn says.

“What’s funny is the same people who are religious homophobes are also the people whacking off to it behind closed doors. So now they can struggle with the inner conflict of their religion and their DNA driven desire to watch.”

The series has generated over three million views in just three months. Hawn is currently in the process of filming episode 17, “How To Make Your Dick Bigger.”

“These episodes are so much fun to make and I’m excited to now have it on a platform where I can be as provocative as I want with my costar without dealing with the resistance of people using their religion to discriminate against us,” Hawn concluded

Watch the new Broscience comedy trailer below.

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