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SHOWDOWN The Japanese movie poster for Godzilla vs King Kong premiering March 23rd on HBOMax.

Above: We love you Tannor!

TWEET OF THE DAY We hate when this happens. “I just filmed the best video ever with the best cumshot ever and it stopped recording halfway through this is the worst feeling.”


AND THREE thanks for the laugh Tannor.

Be sure and check out his new Cocky Boys series.


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YOUNG AVENGER Billy Kaplan aka Wiccan, son of Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) and the Vision.

CLOSING TIME Daft Punk calls it quits. According to Jam Base: Legendary French electronic music act Daft Punk have called it a career. The duo consisting of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter released a video dubbed “Epilogue” that includes text stating, “1993 – 2021.” Daft Punk publicist Kathryn Frazier confirmed the band’s breakup to Pitchfork without sharing any further details. Daft Punk released four studio albums between 1997 and 2013, including the massively successful Random Access Memories in 2013. The pair, who famously dressed as robots, rarely toured but made it count when they did. Daft Punk’s 58-show Alive 2006/2007 tour employed cutting-edge production to create a visual spectacle. The duo haven’t played a full concert since the end of the run. The “Epilogue” video was shared on YouTube without any comment. Both members of Daft Punk silently walk through a desert-like setting to start the clip and look at each other. Then, one member presses a button that activates a destruction sequence. Viewers see one of members blow up before “1993 – 2021” is displayed below a Daft Punk logo. Finally, a choral version of “Touch” comes in as the remaining Daft Punk member walks off into the sunset.

Watch Daft Punk’s “Epilogue” video below.

And remembering the jam that launched them: “One More Time.”
RAW IS LAW Comedian Sampson McCormick talks the benefits of raw dogging.

HUMOR Courtesy of Wired magazine. Just maybe. A cartoon by Ellis Rosen, with Cartoon Collections.

BOOK OF THE WEEK QUOTE: “I’m all for non-gays coming along to this party. But those who want to feel gay should know something of the legacy of that feeling. It goes pretty deep.” Jeremy Atherton Lin in his new book Gay Bar.

The New York Times says of Gay Bar: He [Jeremy Atherton Lin] describes the bars not as sanctuary but as refuge, a more complicated concept. “The Latin root refugium positions a refuge as a place to which one flees back — indicating regression, withdrawal and retreat,” he notes. “The question arises as to what distinguishes an enclave from a quarantine, and whether either is any longer necessary.”

The book is broken into sections, each devoted to a particular bar and city. Atherton Lin is a skilled reader of the signifiers of clothes and architecture, the fetishization of working-class fashion, for example, and how the rise of AIDS influenced design decisions: “A new type of gay bar began to appear in London’s Soho in the ’90s — airy, glossy, continental. The design sent a clear message: In here you won’t catch a disease.”

But Atherton Lin is even more talented at seeing what no longer remains, of deciphering places as palimpsests of a kind, with their traces of fragile, fugitive queer history. Sometimes that history is his own.

Buy it here.

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GLAAD he’s in charge: that’s Jeremy Blacklow. After navigating the organization through on of the toughest years, Blacklow has served as Director of Entertainment Media since 2017, but his involvement with GLAAD began during his summer internship before his senior year of college. Metro Source says: He [Blacklow] continued to volunteer for the GLAAD Media Awards, but uninspired by his journalist career and enraged by the attacks of the Trump administration, he returned full time. Entertainment was always a key part of Jeremy’s life and helped form his vision of how our community was fashioned by the media.
TWITCHING Lane Rogers interviewed the legendary Davey Wavey on Friday’s The Fast Lane on Twitch.
Watch the excerpt below.


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DEATH of the Endless, by Brian Kelly.
SMALL TALK A cartoon by Johnny DiNapoli.
OUR PICK  Brian Sims is running for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania. “Brian has worked tirelessly and *fearlessly* for Pennsylvanians in his 10 years as State Representative. I’m very lucky to call him a friend and know that he has a huge heart and deeply feels for the wellbeing of all his constituents. If we want empathy in the Lt. Governor’s seat, this is someone who truly listens and truly *cares,*” says Paige Wolf of the Philly Voice.
MARRIED MONDAY “Just because we’re married doesn’t mean I’ve stopped flirting with my husband. Paul still makes me do a double-take when he walks past, and I’m pretty unabashed about my admiration for his cute little peach. ⁣

In fact, that’s something we both feel strongly about: Never stop appreciating your spouse. It’s way too easy to start taking each other for granted — so we make a conscious effort to be frisky and flirtatious on the daily. ⁣

When you’re been together for a while—even just a few years—you see the best and worst of each other. It’s also very normal to stop putting effort into “being sexy”, especially during a global pandemic. That’s why we have weekly date nights, even if it’s just ordering our favorite Thai food to eat at home. ⁣

We light candles, put on nice clothes, and travel back in time to the summer we first met…⁣

But along the way, I’ve come to realize: Whether he’s wearing a super-cute outfit, or the same old sweatpants with the hole in the seam, he turns my head every time! -Matthew xx⁣


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CIRCUMCISION SCARS GreatIst features how male circumcision works and the top ways to heal and prevent scarring. Our tip? Don’t cut it in the first place.

LUNAR NOTICE This month’s full moon occurs on Saturday, Feb. 27 at 3:17 a.m. EDT (8:17 UTC), but the moon will appear full the night before and after its peak to the casual stargazer. February’s full moon is sometimes known as the Snow Moon, though it has many other nicknames by different cultures.

PARTING SHOT The old “switcheroo.”