40 Times TikTok Showed Us Black Queerness In All Its Truths and Hilarity: WATCH

Writer George M. Johnson says that “Blackness is Inherently Queer.”

So it shouldn’t be a surprise there’s a multitude of queer Black voices. Ironically one social media  platform that showcases this is TikTok.

Confronting Black homophobia.

What do you do if you get a homophobic Uber driver?

Capitalism sucks.

Pranking his boyfriend.

Women think he’s flirting.

Bro, I’m straight. Straight crushing.

He chose me.

How did you turn gay?

Some people think you can be tricked into being gay….

Dear future husband….

How y’all meet?

When they don’t date bi Black boys.

Pride, prejudice, and acceptance.

Anthony Mackie is all the things.

Every gay in Atlanta want that cake.

Personal growth.

If cops started shooting white women.

The burden if representation.

Happy Pride Month!

The pain of being queer.

Me pretending to be straight so I can get invited to the boys’ sleepover.

Stop scrolling and listen up.

Gender and sexuality are constructions.

Hot boy Niki Minaj

Why would you settle for less?

Looking for a light skinned dude?

Racism in the LGBT community.

You cute.

Martian couple.

Teaching bae to be gangsta.

Homophobic convos at the barbershop.

If White people don’t wanna talk.

Homophobic and ugly.

Grief Is Love with no place to go.

No is a sentence.

Riverside Church: Come Out

Gay BFFs

Things Str8s Do that we don’t understand.

Wreck you.