Bill Maher: Signs You’re A Karen—WATCH

Real Time with Bill Maher featured a segment wherein Maher identified signs that you’re a Karen on Friday night. The term “Karen” has become synonymous with white women who call the cops of Black folks, mostly Black Men, claiming they are committing a crime when they are in fact not.

Monday it was Amy Cooper who called the police on Christian Cooper who was bird watching in Central Park. Mr. Cooper is a Black, gay, Harvard grad who created a queer character during his tenure as an editor on a Star Trek comic book and now is an editor at the Audubon Society.

Christian’s sister Melody recorded the incident on Twitter (watch it below).

Read the Audubon Society’s statement here.

Maher begins the segment saying “People called this woman a ‘Karen.’ This is a new term but not a new concept,” the comedian said on his show recordied from his backyard studio in Los Angeles. “We’ve had ‘Clueless White Girl’ and ‘Becky.’ I think is in this tradition. It’s a white woman of privilege, sometimes racist.”

“It’s hard to define, so we thought we would, as a public service, for any middle-aged white women who wonder, ‘Maybe I am a Karen,’ tell you some signs,” he continued.

“In high school, you were voted most likely to make a citizen’s arrest. Yeah, that would be one,” Maher joked. “You park in the handicap spot because of a gluten intolerance. You threatened to call immigration during a pedicure. When you’re at the baseball stadium and your team loses you demand to speak to the manager. When Samuel L. Jackson says, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ you pepper spray the TV. That’s a definite sign.”

“You repeatedly cancel Ubers until you get a driver with a ‘normal’ name,” he added to the list. “And when a friend says, ‘This is my fiancee,’ you say, ‘This is America, damn it, speak English!’”

Watch the clip below.