Bi Superman Creator Trolls Death Threat with Donation To Minus 18 for LGBT Youth

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Son of Kal-El writer/creator Tom Taylor dismissed a threat from a “fan” on Facebook by donating money to LGBT Youth cause Minus 18. The “fan” Miroslav wrote Taylor in message saying: “Superman Fking gay?! You will die in pain you fcking piece of sh!t!”

Taylor’s response: “Miroslav from Facebook, like so many before you, I made a donation to @minus18youth in your name,” was almost certain to get under the homophobic hater’s skin.
Taylor has received numerous similar threats, but even more praise, since he wrote Jonathan Kent’s coming out story in October. Kent is the son of the original man of steel, Clark Kent/Kal-El.
Minus 18 bills themselves as “champions for LGBTQIA+ youth, smashing homophobia/ transphobia through events, education and professional development.”

Taylor’s other hit best-selling title for DC Comics, Nightwing, was named REMMI’s Best Gotham DC Book

Kal-El: Son of Superman #8 is out now.