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Back the Phenomenal Boys in Love Graphic Novel ‘Twin King’s Battle’ on Kickstarter: WATCH

Twin Kings’s Battle is a sentimental queer multi-layered comic drama fueled by supernatural and mystical elements, but where the most powerful magical force driving the story is the love between the two protagonists.

Creator Phil Briones is currently crowd funding the publication of this queer independent gem inspired by the best Asian romance tales of all mediums (manga, Yaoi, anime).

The story involves Liam, a student, apparently like every other, except he’s not. Don’t try to get too close to him or you’re going to get burned. See, Liam has a terrible secret he can’t share with his friends until a series of unfortunate events occur, shattering his world.

Enter Nathanael: tall, charming, unexpected. He will soon take a great place in Liam’s life. But dark forces are threatening the fate of multiple universes, more powerful than any of them could have ever imagined. Nothing will ever be the same.

But wait — who are the Twin Kings already?

Our heroes’ larger than life adventures are driven by a riveting story. Like in any traditional “boys love” or “bromance” stories, emotions are the foundation  of this graphic novel — but thanks to the powerful expressive art of Briones, these elements become next level entertainment.

If you ever seen Chinese hit series The Untamed, you will absolutely LOVE Twin Kings’ Battle.

Creator Phil Briones (photo above) is mostly known to American audiences as an artist, but he’s since proved both his writing mettle and his coloring prowess.

Briones has enjoyed a successful career in animation (at Disney, working on movies such as TarzanHercules, The Emperor’s New Groove, and A Goofy Movie), before transitioning to comics, first in his home country of France, then in the United States.

Above: Some of Phil Briones’ works for Disney, Soleil, Ankama, Marvel, DC, and Humanoids.
With Twin Kings’ Battle, Briones delivers his most ambitious and personal work to date. His first ever full creator owned series and FairSquare Comics couldn’t be prouder to partner with him for this project.

Back the project here at Kickstarter. 

Watch the trailer below.


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