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BABY YODA returns tonight in Episode 3 of The Mandolarian on Disney Plus. And BY merch will hit stores in time for the holidays.

HARRY STYLES OVER AT ROLLING STONE: Speaks about experimenting with psychedelic mushrooms, which he previously touched on in a  cover story. He [said] he doesn’t take substances and rarely drinks while working, but he quipped, “I’m not a politician,” and explained that he took mushrooms to have fun and fuel his creativity in a different way. He added that they were even therapeutic in a way.

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“I think that that’s been a big part of this whole thing for me. I’m just trying to go through life being a little less worried about stuff,” Styles said. “If you don’t hit the top of the chart, your life doesn’t change. If that was what I was aiming at, and then it didn’t happen, then I’d feel so much worse. But redefining it for me has been amazing to be like, ‘Oh, but that’s not the game I’m playing.’ There’s a freedom with that.”

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MARK WAHLBERG’S PHYSIQUE The Secret to Mark Wahlberg’s Forever-Shredded Physique: “Mark Wahlberg’s latest obsession is F45 Training, which has 267 studios in the U.S. and 1,045 worldwide. Every studio runs the same workout, so on any given day, you can be sweating with Wahlberg. “We focus on functional-based moments, like hip hinges, squats, overhead movements, things that cater to people in their everyday lives,” says Cory George, athletics director for F45 Training.

There are three rotating categories of classes. They alternate between cardio and resistance from Sunday to Friday, and do a hybrid on Saturday. “We pride ourselves on never doing the same workout twice,” George says. As with any new group fitness class, the first time can be a bit of a shock. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect.” via Men’s Journal

THIS IS SPARTA Sparta, Greece Plans Huge Global Events for 2500th Anniversary of Battle of Thermopylae: The mayor of the city of Sparta announced recently that his city council is organizing a series of huge events next year to commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae between the Spartans and the invading Persian army.

‘Young Spartans Exercising’ (c.1860) by Edgar Degas. National Gallery, London, UK. Source

Spartans Never Leave Behind Painting by Mon Graffito

Sparta is particularly proud of this anniversary, as its ancient city’s great king Leonidas led his courageous 300 warriors in the legendary last stand of the battle against the massive Persianarmy, exactly 2,500 years ago next year. via The Greek Reporter


KEVIN HART TROLLS GAYS in Don’t Fuck This Up coming to Netflix “Over six episodes, the show will follow Hart through his day-to-day life as he deals with the fallout from his Oscars controversy — he was named as host of the 2019 awards, then stepped down two days later after old tweets of his with anti-gay slurs surfaced — his marriage and his career.”

CHRISTMAS AT ROCKEFELLER CENTER will be easier to navigate this year, as automobiles will be banned.

LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT JOCKSTRAP? Mikey Pup makes a powerful argument for the  following brands.

He looks awesome in both.


#ICYMI Tommy Dorfman’s interview with Pete Davidson for Paper Magazine‘s “Break the Internet” is everything.

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STATEN! ISLAND! KEN! thank you #PeteDavidson for trusting me to photograph you in my first shoot as a photographer and for being so open, collaborative, and vulnerable for this story for @papermagazine – Depressed Ken needs representation too! and thank you @papermagazine for giving me the creative freedom to tell this story and maybe even #BreakTheInternet thank you @drewpsie @jilldemling Photography, interview, art direction: me Styling @chrishoran20 Set Design @lizzielang Hair @luke_chamberlain Makeup @isamayaffrench Nails @elinaogawa Photo Assistant @thegirlonthebike_ @faguerreotype_ Lighting tech @megan.g.leonard Digitech @isanstudio Styling assistant @laurenjeworski Styling assistant @sierrasimonexo

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TEEN TITANS Warner Archive Collection proudly presents Teen Titans: The Complete Series on Blu-rayTM starting December 3, 2019. Single Season volumes are also available. Pre-orders are now available via and your favorite online retailer.

LUBE UP Sexpert Zachary Zane says, “Whether you plan to express that love by yourself, with your boyfriend, or some guy you cuffed from Scruff, you’re going to need lube. With over 25 products to pick from, pjur has a lube for every possible occasion! “

TWEET OF THE DAY Michelle Obama and Ellen




FLASHBACK FRIDAY With Matteo Lane’s hilarious bit.



PETER TINGLE We finally get a look at what Aunt May’s been talking about!

Peter Tingle Activated from r/TomHolland


There’s even a real life doctor who uses the expression to explain how real life erections work!

EASTSIDERS Kit Williamson’s Netflix series EastSiders is tying the knot with several RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars for its last season premiering December 1st. This is the LGBTQ-focused comedy’s fourth and final season which sees central couple Thom (Van Hansis) and Cal (Williamson, the show’s creator-writer-star) navigating a new chapter of their relationship after growing apart, sleeping with other people, and generally neglecting each other’s company.


THANKSGIVING This year we’re thankful for thighs.


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