Ava DuVernay, Gal Gadot, Banksy, Robert Pattinson, Joshua Orpin, Ugly Christmas Sweaters and More: #GAYNRD #DAILY

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COCAINE is a hell of a drug.


LEWIS BLACK  in his Back in Black segment on The Daily Show, is perplexed at the American desire to  Include Jews in Christmas traditions.

BETTE Thank the gods for Bette.

GAY ENOUGH If one more polyamorous coastal ‘queer’ tells me Pete Buttigieg isn’t gay enough I’ll scream. He is — and so am I writes Skylar Baker-Jordan in The Independent. Many, if not most, gay people are boring. They don’t spend their time sniffing poppers at a Fire Island orgy; they spend their time at churches in flyover states. In rural America, Buttigieg still counts as radical

KINKY Geoffry tries some new lewks.

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u can live here

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THE NEW RELEASE DATES for DC’s slate of films is a departure from Marvel and may be more successful in the long run.


GOOGLE SAW THEM Upcoming director of DC’s New Gods film based on the work of Jack Kirby, Ava DuVernay tweeted about the beautiful collection from@GoogleProud to see WHEN THEY SEE US here. Thanks to all you searched and found. xo

PIGPEN and the dirtiest snowman.



WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Luke’s first encounter with Vader after a New Hope.



BANKSY The elusive artist Banksy has created new artwork in Birmingham, a festive-themed piece highlighting homelessness. The BBC reported that the artwork features in a film on Instagram that shows a man named Ryan on a bench being “pulled” by two reindeer painted on a brick wall in the city’s Jewellery Quarter. It has been viewed over 1million times since it was posted earlier.


Kylo Ren’s present to Darth Vader

BOYS IN UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS the U16 AAA Saint Louis Blues The boys have arrived in Phoenix, AZ and are ready for the


THE GAY COMIC GEEK’S most fun episode is the always naughty Christmas special!


HOUSING THE HOMELESS Is saving Los Angeles money. According to LAist: “When someone is really vulnerable living out on the street, they are costing a lot of money by visits to the ER, ambulance rides, police intervention,” said Libby Boyce, Housing for Health’s program director. “Obviously it does cost us dollars to provide the services to help them become stable. But there are a lot of people who use a lot of services, and for those, it is cheaper to house them. And it’s the right thing to do.”

Give me a kiss and tell me everything will be alright ❤ from r/gay

CONGRESS RECOGNIZES GENOCIDE Nearly a century after they occurred, the passage of Senate Resolution 150 on December 12, 2019, the United States Congress, over a hundred years after these atrocities, has finally recognized not only the Armenian Genocide, but the broader Ottoman extermination of its Christian minorities, says The Greek Reporter.

“In the final years of the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman government under the Committee of Union and Progress (“CUP”) orchestrated massacres of its Christian minorities, resulting in ethnic cleansing that would lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and would later inspire the Holocaust.”



When you are a closeted gay and you be in bed like: from r/gay

WONDER WOMAN Number 750. Three interlocking covers by Jim Lee.

WONDER WOMAN in three time periods.

ROB PATTINSON is The Batman.

JORDON WINTERS is our Man Crush Monday (#MCM).


SUPERBOY Joshua Orpin is feeling quite Lucky to have snagged a teeny tiny role in this brilliant original Aussie series – starring the legendary @timminchin and the truly talented @millyalcock.

Check out Upright on @foxtel or @skyatlanticuk now!



HAZING Magazine Pledges & Paddles was a hot commodity.

MONDAY Romance.

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You like cuddle or nah? Tag your man 🌈

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TWO WILD AND CRAZY GUYS Twinning. “Coming out is a personal journey, for me, it was a shared journey.
My twin brother & I always thought being gay was going to be our little secret from the world, but now we’re out like… REALLY out.  As 2 Michiganders, we expressed ourselves through Youtube. Helped Daniel Tosh “come out of the closet” in an episode of Tosh.O. Created an app in which we help people come out (MyTwin Chat). Wrote a best-selling memoir about our coming out story to which is now a traveling stage play called #PrayTheGayAway.
So yeah, being gay has given us a more unique life… a better life ♥️



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