Anna Diop’s New Look As Starfire for ‘Titans’ Season 3 Excites Fans

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HBO Max dropped the first look at Anna Diop in Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran’s new costume for season three of Titans.

The change is significant for a few reasons. One, it reflects the most recent version of the character which has shed its original “slave girl from outer space look.”

And two, as Gizmodo said, “Now that Kori’s past is about to catch up with her in a very personal way with her villainous sister Blackfire contacting her in the season two finale, it seems she’s decided that now’s the time to actually gear up.”

The costume, designed by Laura Jean Shannon, is the first time we’ve ever gotten to see an official live-action take on Starfire’s comics look. It’s much more elaborate than the usually pretty minimalist aesthetic that she wears across the comics, leaning into a more armored aesthetic that not only feels right at home with the rest of the Titans’ costumes (including the recently revealed Red Hood), but also with the DC heroes of the similarly gritty Injusticegames. But even then, it still reads as classically Starfire: the light purple is there as are the little green accents. The biggest change is swapping in gold for what would’ve been a more comics-accurate silver. It still looks like a solid upgrade at least.

Writer Mark Wolfman who co-created the character with artist George Pérez for The New Teen Titans, wrote on Twitter, “Anna Diop is great as Starfire. Could not be happier seeing George and my l’il girl get the spotlight she deserves.”

A fan named John Carter wrote, “She reminds me so much of George Pérez’s Starfire. And I’d love to see THAT Starfire again in the comics. I miss her so much. Thank you, sir, you and Mr. Pérez are the best.”

HBO Max had previously revealed the look of The Red Hood.

Curran Walters returns as Jason Todd in his new identity The Red Hood (below).

The role is a major one in Titans lore and sees Todd transform from the second Robin into the violent antihero.

Walters said of the role on Instagram, “Everything I got is going into this role. This is my life right now. So excited to show the world. #redhood#jasontodd ^ some cool comic art.”


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