A New Romantic Relationship Is Threatened by a Stalker in Your New Favorite Mystery Podcast

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The story that sparked actor Brian Hutchison to write and launch the noir audio drama I Still Think About You, involved a harrowing random encounter with an ex who he couldn’t place initially. The seven-episode podcast premiered at the 2021 Hear Now Festival, where it won the Gold Selection “Mystery” award.

I Still Think About You tells the story of Adam McClure, successful New York actor, and stand in for Hutchison, who revisits a haunting incident from his past. When coincidence brings an old friend, Dylan, back into his life, Adam fears for his new relationship with Tom, his sanity, and his life. Unsettling and ominous, with twists and turns until the very end, I Still Think About You is part memoir, part psychological thriller, and part love letter to Broadway.

Hutchison had just finished a theater run of The Boys In the Band and subsequent production and filming of the movie, that he’d made no plans.

“I really began thinking that I had to write it  walking my dog every day in East Hampton,” says Hutchison. This was in the middle of the shutdowns and quarantine for coronavirus. Hutchison was spending large swaths of time completely alone. “I’d think about the fear in the news, fear of the pandemic, that unsettling feeling of this thing we have no control over. On those walks I’d let my mind wander and imagine someone/something out there behind a tree or watching from across the water and I realized it was this person, the Dylan character, I kept envisioning.”

If Hutchison’s voice sounds familiar it’s because it is. He’s been the narrator of over 200 audiobooks and  Hutchison recorded it in his home studio to see if the story would work as an audio drama. “It seemed logical as the medium where I could really tell the story in a way that was interesting to me, and hopefully others,” he says. “So, I started calling friends and asking them to record dialogue for me, and then it was really happening.”

When the real incident happened, Hutchison says, “I’m dating this guy and we go away on this few days trip for his work and we’re out of town. And I mean hours out of town. Like in another state and someone stops me on the street and it’s someone that I knew from the past. And it turns out that it was a guy that I was friends with. Who I used to work with. Maybe 10 years before that. And he starts questioning me about why I’m there? And how long I’m staying? And who I’m staying with? And he already knew and it turns out that he was also someone that knew the guy that I was dating. Basically someone from our past who we knew separately in very different ways came  back into our life in a sort of dark ominous on settling way.”

Recording during this isolation brought a level of gravitas to the performance. During this isolation, I would be recording audio books in my basement, in my studio all day. It was like isolation within isolation. Doing this box recording and it’s  like an echo chamber, and you can’t really see people. I’m not talking to people too much. I’m not on Zoom for the most part. I’d only venture out when I took my dog for a walk.”

I Still Think About You is available now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher. Episodes 1-3 were released on November 17, with episodes 4, 5, 6, and 7 to be released on the Wednesday of each week through December 15.

Check out the trailer and meet the cast and listen to the story here.