A Bisexual Captain Kirk? Peter Berlin, Kygo & Tina Turner, George M. Johnson, Lily Tomlin & Jane Wagner, Mask4Mask, and More: GAYNRD DAILY #TGIF

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Coronavirus levels reached all time transmission highs in the United States, portending a long term battle still yet to begin, Ruth Bader Ginsberg announced she has cancer, and Wonder Woman 1984’s release date has been postponed again, now scheduled for October 2, 2020.

It’s our somewhat daily news roundup for this day, the 3rd Friday in July of 2020.

SEAN FORD interviewed Pete Berlin in a super sexy interview for... Interview Magazine. Berlin tells Ford, “It was a persona I inhabited. And when I was in that zone of being Peter, which was every time I left my house in the 1970s here in America, I was that character. Now, being that obvious and flashy and provocative created all kinds of problems. The people who liked that character, thought, “Oh my god, I want to get to him” and when I said, “Wait a minute, what about me? Do I want you?” that created a lot of negative feelings and negative situations where I immediately was seen as that arrogant idiot who thinks he’s great and had to reject a lot of people. And being rejected is terrible. I was very shy, and I’m still shy. I avoid people. But at that time, I was running around as that character and as good as I felt I also felt bad, being nice to one person and rejecting a thousand others. That’s exactly what I lived through. But it was interesting to see how people reacted when I exposed myself the way I did. They felt they had the right to grab me. And even when people would ask me what I wanted, I couldn’t answer because my way was always so different. It’s like, Sean, if I asked you, “Are you a bottom? Are you a top?” These are all labels and I never had an answer.”

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HOT GIFT IDEA The Night You Left Black Coasters from Prospect. The coasters, which appear to have lines of cocaine on them, are described thusly, “Never be accused of owning insipid, merely functional drink coasters again. This decadent set is inspired by Nir Hod’s oil-on-mirror paintings entitled ‘The Night You Left’. Hod explains: “There is a certain magic in loneliness, you have to be alone to create. It’s not about drugs or glamour, it’s about the inside world, where you can dream and love and seek a greater truth.” With a black mirrored finish, and lined with printed white powder, the set is presented in a sleek, black box. While inspired by the ‘The Night You Left’ artwork, which captures a moment of solitude, the set provides for you and three companions at your dinner party, or more ephemeral casual gathering.”

A BISEXUAL Captain Kirk? CBS All Access is toying with this new development for the womanizing character for when he appears in their upcoming new Trek series, Strange New Worlds featuring the Enterprise’s first five-year mission under Christopher Pike.

One fan wrote on Twitter in response, “I mean I always assumed he’d sex anything that moved so this makes sense.”

REMIX Kygo & Tina Turner collaborated on a new remix of “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

ANALYSIS George M Johnson on what changed and what didn’t during the political unrest of the beginning of the summer. Johnson just signed a two-book preempt deal with Little, Brown buoyed by the astounding success of his first book released this past April. His debut, a young adult, memoir/manifesto called  All Boys Aren’t Blue is now a best seller.

Johnson says to NBC New York, “the more things change, the more they stay the same. America while in the midst of a pandemic once again proved itself to be what it has always been. A country built on racism and anti-Blackness. If Blacks aren’t dying disproportionately from COVID, we are still dying at the hands of the police. Being Black in America in many ways is always living in a state of civic unrest. It is the necessary reckoning that America has always needed. Each generation has had a fight in inching forward towards some form of progress, however, this time is a breaking point. One that has already started to create changes on the superficial and symbols of racisms with hopes that systemic change, and even more abolishing of many of these systems can be a viable end goal.”

LOVE AND LAUGHTER Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner recount 50 years of their relationship in Variety, which says of the two women’s relationshipOften written about, Wagner and Tomlin’s creative and romantic partnership began in the early-1970s, when Tomlin saw J.T. and reached out to Wagner in hopes that she could write a similar social consciousness into Tomlin’s character of Edith Ann. But, together in their Los Angeles home, Tomlin said she fell in love with Wagner before their collaboration on the comedy album And That’s the Truth — seemingly at first sight. 

“A friend brought her to my hotel room,” Tomlin narrated, “and I tell you, in two minutes, I fell in love with her. She had on hot pants, stretchy boots that went up to her knee, and a little backpack. I don’t know what it was, but I was in love.” Tomlin said she was so stricken that, after leaving the next day to perform a show in Chicago, she flew immediately back to New York to find Wagner. “I called Jane immediately, and I said, ‘Look, I don’t have much time, but I have to see you.’ She agreed to see me, and we had our first date,” said Tomlin. 

“It was an ecstatic time when we found each other,” added Wagner, “aesthetically — and in every other way.”



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