13 Queer, Kinky, Sexy, and Funny Images for Pride

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Gaynrd‘s editors poured over pages of queer art on Deviant Art to find some titillating and inspiring art for Pride.

Title: Gay pride flag by Jon, United States


Ha ha ha, Slik is gay, Slik is gay… just jokin’ lad…but you are gay.

Tiny Guy Is In a Tight Spot (1) By Greg Orlowski, United States

The big guy is probably just having a little fun with his little buddy. You know, just playing around, just teasing him a bit, just to give the little guy a thrill. But then again, the big guy might just be simply a Great Big Bully.

GAY GAY GAY GEIIIII by Aarin-chan, United States

En el ala by Sebastian

Jose, who is 15 years old, was shrunken recently, he was alone at home with his older brother of 25 and was taking a nap. Jose went to his brother to ask for help and saw him in his bed, he was scared and excited. Since learning he was gay, he found that his brother was very sexy and he had a fetish for being able to lick armpits. Jose climbed his brother’s bed until he got to his feet which smelled a bit since his brother came from the gym and he did not bathe. He was a little scared by the situation that his brother would wake up. Jose seemed to him in a very sexy pose he felt hugely satisfied that he would grow up to be hairy and smelly like his big brother. Shrunken, he started to walk on his brother’s body, when he got to the huge muscular chest and something hairy, Jose was jumping on top of his brother to wake him up. But there was no response and when his brother moved, Jose lost the balance and went sliding down his brother’s right arm. Jose rode down and tried to grab wherever, in which he grabbed on the sweaty hairs in his brothers arm pit. He was afraid. He did not know what to do and without realizing he was fulfilling his desired fantasy, he was excited and began to feel he could never leave the beautiful smell. It was not what he expected it stirred something very strong and toxic. For now he was content, his brother never he knew that I, his lil’ brother Jose, now served as his new deodorant.

Gay Gay USA by Razz93, United States

For the record, I’m not gay. But my parents are. And this needed to be done. I take no credit; the font is Impact, the map is GeoBats ([link]), and the flag I stole from Wikipedia. Don’t hurt me. I’ll probably move this to scraps later. But for now… deal with it.

Jake’s personal nerd by Yoloto, Male, Japan

Jake is having a conversation on WhatsApp with his best friend while having a total nerd trapped inside his ass. That nerd’s life is going to be a torture from now on, being used by his bullies for the rest of his academic life. He will start failing all exams while Jake and his friend pass all of them thanks to him doing their homework, while at the same time being their ass slave for hours every day. His life will be reduced to their homework and their ass, nothing more.

Jake’s ass

Just wanted to upload the full pic with Jake’s ass in all its glory.

Fairy Tales and Flowers Felix d’EonMale/Mexico

On of my paintings, based on a stock photo I previously uploaded, of a gay couple in Disney love.

Male Nude in soft pastel Sean, UK

Rembrandt, sennelier and girault pastels on Canson Mi teintes paper, 30×40, smooth side. 

Manful: The Superhero by humbuged

Have no fear, citizen! Hyperon, the Superhero is here to save you!

Panel from The Young Avenger’s story featuring Hulking and Wiccan.

Noah’s Gay Wedding Cruise: MarriageEvolved Edition by Paul Richmond, United States

“Noah’s Gay Wedding Cruise” is an original oil painting that represents my optimism about the marriage equality movement. I chose to symbolize our inevitable victory with my own version of the Noah’s Ark story, complete with happy gay and lesbian animal couples and a few human guests too (like Ellen Degeneres / Portia de Rossi, and Elton John / David Furnish). There are even some drowning sinners (such as Ann Coulter, Larry Craig, Ken Starr, and Fred Phelps)!

This special edition also includes a portrait of Joshua and Steve Snyder-Hill, the two founders of MarriageEvolved. Steve is the soldier who was booed during the Republican primaries last year after asking a question about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Together, he and Joshua have championed the cause of marriage equality, even fighting DOMA on the national level to establish equality for LGBT military spouses.

In June, my partner and I are participating in a special initiative by MarriageEvolved called the C-Bus of Love. Along with 24 other LGBT couples (who also can’t get married in their home states), we will be traveling by bus to Washington D.C. this June to get married on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.

100% of the profits from the sale of “Noah’s Gay Wedding Cruise: MarriageEvolved Edition” will be donated to MarriageEvolved to help pay for the C-Bus of Love trip and future advocacy work of the organization.

Happy Pride!

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