Your New Favorite Podcast Puts all the Others to Shame

Since launching on March 14th, 2019, Shame On You has become the fastest growing gay podcast in the world. It’s been downloaded over a million times in less than a year and has listeners in over 50 countries. The podcast airs new episodes every Thursday on all streaming platforms.

Host, comedian, and activist Jordan Power and his best friend Brad Price drink wine, toke weed, and talk about sex, dating, and mental health in a way that’s sincere, refreshing, and liberating.

This authenticity has actually encouraged hundreds of men to come out of the closet  including a priest and a gay man from Saudi Arabia.

Shame began after Power had a bad break up that made him question a lot of personal beliefs he’d taken for granted. He sought to create a world that was separate from the relationship and that could help him find closure. This became the impetus for the podcast. “Imagine,” he says, “if there was a voice for men to make them feel invincible to shame, not just about being gay, but in general.”

Shame On You is all about sparking a revolt against society’s norms with guests that include ex-boyfriends, gay men, and others plagued by messages of shame.

“Your sexuality doesn’t have to be an albatross. Explore it. Learn all parts of it but never let it hold you back.”

The hosts keep everything on the table including raunchy details from their sex lives, two breakups in real time, and even an episode recorded naked with a man the hosts both hooked up with.

Past celebrity guests have included international motivational speaker Spencer West (who has opened for Demi Lovato), the first and only out professional hockey player Brock McGillis, and Fan590 host Scott Macarthur, among others.

“Very few podcasts practice the level of radical disclosure that we do. The intention in putting everything out there is to inspire others to do the same.” says Power. “Shame On You is the honest conversations you have with friends in private over drinks come to life. We’ve discussed just about everything on the podcast. It’s these raw stories that we are not afraid to share that has allowed our listener base to keep growing. In fact, we’ve had hundreds of people come out because of the podcast. If we can make that difference in someone’s life – lift that weight of shame – then I feel like we’ve done our job and we couldn’t ask for anything better than that.”

“This podcast is an antidote to the thousands of messages gay people have received their entire lives that they are unlovable or deficient. There has never been anything wrong with any of us, in the past or now” adds Price. “We are so proud of what we have accomplished with Shame On You so far and we are excited to keep going and take it to the next level. Along the way, we hope to continue to inspire others to unapologetically be themselves with zero shame.”

“We are brutally honest and thus we make a lot of people uncomfortable. Good. People are too coddled from the truths that will set them free.”

Coming up next, Shame On You will continue to have thought provoking guests including Jordan’s mom, his childhood bully, and an 82-year old gay man who will discuss how far we’ve come.

Beginning this spring, the boys will embark on a  North American tour. Tour dates will all be up on Shame On You podcast within the next two weeks but show dates thus far are: San Francisco- April 19th,  LA- April 20th,  NYC- April 25th, with three more dates to be announced soon.

Jordan’s book chronicling his dating and sex life, Famous Anus, comes out March 31st.


Jordan Power is a coveted writer, comedian and activist from Toronto, Canada. He is currently working on his new memoir My Therapist Sent Me Nudes capturing an important decade in his life. He is also behind the popular online persona @itchyprostate where he shares funny anecdotes. Understanding the importance of philanthropy, Jordan gives back to causes close to his heart which includes the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), Canada’s largest HIV service organization based in Toronto, providing a variety of programs and services for people living with HIV and those at increased risk. 


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